Sweet text, fleshy lingerie novels

Introduction: How does sex underwear change my life

Since I have been in contact with the field of sexy underwear, I have deeply fell in love with this industry, not only because of its sexy, fashionable, but also because it played an important role in my life.My erotic underwear collection has been unknowingly accumulated a lot, and each piece has different significance to me.Today I will share some sweet text and fleshy lingerie novels. I hope everyone can also fall in love with sexy underwear like me.

Chapter 1: Drunk at night 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一

That night, she drunk alone on the side of the road.He came over and picked her up like a gentle savior and took her home.When she woke up, she found that she was wearing a pink lace sexy underwear and a strange man around her.He smiled and said, "Don’t panic, you are beautiful."

Chapter II: Fun Underwear and Workplace Women

She is a workplace woman, and she is facing a lot of work pressure every day.So at home, she was always wearing sexy underwear and gave her best.She felt that she put on a sexy underwear like a person, and her body and mind became relaxed and happy. On that day, she performed particularly well in the meeting and won the appreciation of her colleagues.

Chapter III: Relationship between Fun Underwear and Love

She has always wanted to add some changes to her love relationship, so she tried to convert herself from ordinary underwear to sexy underwear. She told herself that it would make her more sexy and confident.In fact, her boyfriend was also very interested in her changes, and felt some novelty and excitement.Since then, her relationship with him has become closer and hotter.

Chapter 4: Sexy underwear and single women

She is a single woman. She puts on a sexy underwear, but she sees a brave and confident girl from the mirror.She walked out of the house confidently to find new friends in life.As usual, she walked into the bar, and the aroma of the wine came, but this time she was different. She had a lot of topics with the people around her, and even met her real man.

Chapter 5: Sexy underwear and husband and wife life

The life of husband and wife is becoming more and more dull for many people, and the relationship between husband and wife does not have the passion and smell of the past.So she tried to give him an unexpected surprise -wearing a sexy underwear and inviting him to spend a different night together.That night, they enjoyed each other like their first love, and the sexy underwear added a lot of colors to their lives.

Chapter VI: Fun underwear and figure

Every girl dreams of a perfect figure.But in fact, no matter how perfect the figure is, a suitable underwear is needed to set off.The design of sexy lingerie cups and sizes is relatively unique, which can show the charm and beauty of the figure well.With the help of suitable underwear, her figure is more perfect and she is more confident.

Chapter VII: Fun underwear and daily life

Interest underwear is not a type that can only be used in special occasions.It can wear in daily life and become a different highlight.She fell in love with the design of sexy underwear and had new inspiration every day.Not just Valentine’s Day or birthday, sometimes even when the whole person is irritable, she will also wearing sexy underwear to comfort herself.

Chapter 8: Interests and confidence

She is very sure of her understanding and appreciation of sexy underwear.From the most basic fabrics and styles to the specific details of underwear, she all knows.As a result, sexy underwear not only brings her sexy and hot appearance, but also brings her a self -confidence- "I know my own advantages, I understand my beauty."

Summary: The change of sex underwear to life

Interest underwear is not just an ordinary underwear. It represents more attitude and way of life.It can bring us a richer experience and a more free mentality on different occasions and different lives.Maybe you have doubts because you don’t understand it, but as long as you really put on one and feel its beauty and comfort, you can really experience the charm of sexy underwear.

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