Taking photos of underwear um

Taking photos of underwear um

1. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Sex underwear needs different styles and styles to meet different figures and needs.First of all, you need to choose the style of your own underwear, such as bra, even body underwear, lace suits, etc., and consider your comfort and body shape.At the same time, the color and style must be considered clearly.

2. Understand your physical characteristics

Everyone’s physical characteristics are different. To understand their bodies, it is critical to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.For example, it is necessary to choose a cup that suits you.You can try to measure with your palm and then buy it, or go to a professional sexy underwear store to seek the suggestions and help of the clerk.

3. Emphasize your advantages

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The purpose of sexy underwear is to emphasize the body curve and advantages of women.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose the styles and colors that are consistent with your physical advantages. For example, if you have a plump chest, you can choose a deep V style.

4. With exquisite accessories

In addition to the erotic underwear itself, exquisite accessories make the shooting effect better.You can try to match high heels, stockings, gloves, etc., which has greatly improved the overall effect.Of course, this combination needs to pay attention to the coordination of color system and style.

5. Technical posture help

Shooting sex underwear requires a unique posture.Inappropriate posture will destroy the overall effect, and the appropriate posture can highlight its own advantages. For example, putting your hands on your hips can lengthen the leg lines and enhance the visual effect.

6. Highlight the unique temperament

Women’s temperament is also one of the important elements of sexy underwear shooting.Different people have different temperaments. You can think about the temperament you want to show before taking pictures, such as gentleness, charming, sexy, and so on.

7. Use light

For shooting sexy underwear, it is very important to use light.Different light can produce different effects.You can choose bright lights and lenses, or choose a sunny outdoor space to shoot.


8. Know your purpose

Choosing to shoot sexy underwear has different purposes, such as recording your beauty, surprise to your partner, and so on.Different purposes mean different styles and expressions.You need to consider the purpose and shooting method in advance.

9. Self -confidence to show yourself

Confidence is the most critical point to shoot sexy underwear.Interesting underwear is a personal item for women, and gives themselves and their body a little more trust and pursue the courage to pursue beauty.As long as you have self -confidence, you can easily highlight the best state of beauty inside and outside.

10. Conclusion

Before choosing sexy underwear to take pictures, you need to understand your body, emphasize your advantages, and use accessories and light to achieve better shooting effects.You need to have confidence and unique temperament to make yourself more beautiful and moving.