Tall children wearing sexy underwear

Tall children wearing sexy underwear

1 Introduction

For girls with tall height, wearing sexy underwear often makes them feel uncomfortable or unsuitable.This article will introduce how tall children can choose and match sex underwear, so that they still feel confident and comfortable at the same time as sexy.

2. Plan the brand and style

First of all, before choosing a sexy underwear, the tall girls have to have a clear understanding of their bodies.In terms of brand, it is recommended to buy regular brands, such as Victoria’s secrets, lace charm, Journelle, etc., their size and tailoring are more suitable for tall children; in terms of styleThis can better brighten the body of a tall child.

3. The inventory should be complete

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Whether it is an increased or knitted sexy underwear, color choice is also an important factor.The exaggerated and dazzling color matching of yellow, red, pink can better highlight the advantages of tall children and make them more confident and charming.

4. Preferential choice of shoulder straps or vest styles

When a tall girl is choosing a love lingerie style, she can choose a style without straps or vest.On the one hand, these styles can not only effectively block the shoulder function and prevent the shoulder decline in wearing; on the other hand, whether it is a vest or a shoulder -free style, it can better show the advantages of tall children.

5. Try to avoid low -cut or navel style

Due to tall children, the sexy underwear wearing a low -cut or navel style can easily make them look bulky or uncoordinated.Try to choose a style suitable for you to achieve the best results.

6. Use underwear accessories

In addition to the design and color of sexy underwear itself, accessories are also very important parts.For example, when choosing a sexy underwear with a sling or lace style, you can match the long queen chain and wrap around the neck and chest at the same time, which looks more beautiful and sexy.

7. Create an overall atmosphere

When wearing sexy underwear, tall children can choose to match different materials, colors and styles according to actual situations.For example, in some formal occasions, you can choose a bright colored underwear such as black, white, pink, etc., with appropriate high heels and hair accessories, which can better fit the overall matching atmosphere to achieve better results.

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8. Empty clothing can be matched with lace styles

When tall children wear sexy underwear, you can choose some light and breathable clothing.These clothing and perspective lace -style sexy underwear can not only make the temperament of the whole person more soft, but also achieve slender effects.

9. Pay attention to the character matching

When tall children wear sexy underwear, they can choose their own style in combination with their own character.For example, girls with bold and publicity can choose more exaggerated and bold sexy lingerie styles; and girls with restrained and gentle personality can better match delicate and delicate sexy underwear shapes.

10. End language

In general, the tall girls need to choose the right size and styles to wear sexy underwear. With other accessories and clothing, pay attention to the combination of personality and occasions, which can not only show their own advantages and characteristics, but also be more confident at the same time as sexy and more confident.Tall.