Taobao sex lingerie name

Taobao sex lingerie name

There are all kinds of sexy underwear on Taobao, but many people are not familiar with the types of nouns of these underwear and are easily confused.Below, we analyze the name of Taobao’s sexy underwear to help you buy it.

1. Open the file sexy underwear

Opening the gear underwear is a small hole in a small hole in a female private part.This underwear is generally designed for sex, which can make both sides more excited and satisfied.On Taobao, you can search for "opening stalls" or "sex panties" to choose your favorite products.

2. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a kind of sexy underwear made of lace.The design of this underwear fits the curve of women’s figure to create a sexy and charming atmosphere.You can search for "lace sexy underwear" or "lace sexy underwear" on Taobao.

3. T -type pants sex underwear

The pants of the pants are a special panties, and the pants are part of the shape.This underwear can perfectly modify women’s hips, highlight the hip shape, and make the figure more sexy and charming.On Taobao, you can enter "Tuto Pants Wells" on the search box to choose your favorite products.

4. Student sister sexy clothes

Student girl sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with uniforms on underwear as the main design element.This underwear usually has a similar appearance and color of student girl uniforms, which can remind people of the beautiful memories of the student days.On Taobao, you can search for "Student Sister Insteads" to buy.

5. Leather erotic underwear

Leather sex lingerie is a sexy underwear made of leather material.This material of underwear usually has black colors and has a foreign style. It is very suitable for the choice of sexy and cool routes.You can search for "leather sex lingerie" or "leather sexy underwear" on Taobao to add your own shopping cart.

6. Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are sexy, luxurious pajamas.It is usually made of silk, lace, transparent tulle and other materials. It is exquisitely designed and comfortable.This underwear is suitable for you to make you more sexy and charming in bed, attracting the attention of the other half.On Taobao, you can search for "sexy pajamas" or "luxury pajamas" to buy.

7. Types Incpering Jelly

Types are made of transparent or translucent tulle material.This underwear design is simple and light, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable, revealing a different kind of sexy.On Taobao, you can choose the style by entering "tulle sexy underwear" or "transparent sexy underwear".

8. Villagers’ Instead

Virginity underwear is a sexy underwear based on maid uniforms as the main design element.The characteristics of this underwear are relatively fresh in shape, and the colors are mostly black, white, pink, etc. By outline the curve of the female body, it creates a sexy and stylish effect.On Taobao, you can enter "Virgin Wells" or "Maid Sexy underwear" to buy.


The suspender sex underwear is a hanging underwear with a suspender. Its chest cup type is similar to that of ordinary underwear, but it is more sexy and charming.This underwear is suitable for usage in usual wearing or sex.On Taobao, you can enter "Tibetan sexy underwear" in the search box to buy.

10. Accept a pair of milk

Collecting a pair of milk is a specially designed underwear, which can effectively fix the breasts and collect the auxiliary milk to make the woman’s body more beautiful.At the same time, this underwear design fits ergonomics and is more comfortable to wear.On Taobao, you can enter "receiving auxiliary dairy underwear" or "slim -fit pairing underwear" to buy.


There are a variety of sexy underwear on Taobao. From the sexy lingerie of the gear to the parallel milk, each has its unique design style and characteristics.Through our introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the name of Taobao sex underwear.Buy your favorite underwear, I hope you can become a more sexy yourself.

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