Taobao sex underwear band tail

Taobao sex underwear band tail

There are many types of sexy underwear and many brands. You can easily buy various styles of underwear from Taobao. One of the unique types is to have a tail sexy underwear.This underwear is very popular on Taobao, especially among Coser and anime enthusiasts, they are widely used to make role -playing clothing.Here are some characteristics of this underwear and what you need to pay attention to when you buy.

1. What is a sexy underwear tail?

Fun underwear tail is a unique underwear. It usually has a tail that allows people to fully experience the feeling of animals or mythical characters.This underwear generally includes three parts: bra, underwear and tail.

2. What are the types of tails?

The material and type of tail will be different, and the price will be different.Some low -cost tails are usually made of artificial hair or satin, and higher prices may use higher -quality hair or sophisticated handmade materials.In addition, the shape of the tail is also different, and some are similar to cats or foxes, and some are wings like devils or angels.

3. The price of sexy underwear with tail

The price of sexy underwear with tails can be ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.Generally speaking, the quality of the low -priced underwear tail will be relatively average. It is not comfortable, but the price is cheap.The high -priced underwear tails are usually beautifully made, good quality, and make people feel outstanding visual impact.

4. The use of sexy underwear band tails

The most common use of sexy underwear band tails is in the Cosplay performance, which makes people shine and more realistic.At the same time, they are also suitable for personal erotic lingerie, with role -playing, adding fun and fun to the relationship.

5. Selection of size and tail

Because the material, style and design of the sexy underwear band have different sizes, you should choose the suitable size when you buy it to ensure comfortable wear.In addition, the length and type of tail are also different. You should choose your favorite style when buying.

6. Daily care

Interest underwear tails are generally not suitable for machine washing, or they are washed by hand and dried to avoid direct sunlight.Because the underwear has a plastic support structure such as metal parts or fish bones, it is not suitable for high temperature water washing and machine drying to avoid damaging its own tightness and crispy break.

7. Choose a reputable merchant

Some sellers may maliciously sell inferior and interesting underwear tails or use bad materials, so it is recommended to choose reputable merchants.It is recommended to see the evaluation of the buyer before buying to understand the experience and opinions of other buyers.

8. Summary

Interest underwear band tail is a special sexy underwear. Its style is unique and is a popular choice for the majority of Cosplay and anime enthusiasts.If you want to try new style and play methods, in appropriate cases, this underwear can give you the effect you want.

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