Taobao sex underwear has traces of crossing

Taobao sex underwear has the source of traces of traces

The sexy underwear on Taobao is common in cheap packages, but there are usually some hidden dangers in these cheap products, especially after wearing them, we may find some traces or wear. What are the causes?Intersection

First of all, these underwear may come from some small suppliers. They usually require higher profit margins to maintain their business, and usually achieve this goal at the cost of quality.

How to identify low -quality erotic underwear?

It is generally the following three methods to identify whether the sexy underwear is low:

Look at the label: See if the label description of the texture and ingredients is clearly visible, avoid buying underwear without labels.

Factory: Qualified underwear uses comfortable and soft fabrics, while low -quality underwear usually uses inferior, irritating, artificial fabrics that cause skin discomfort or allergies.

Look at workmanship: If there are a lot of traces or lines in the clothes, or there are many furry, then this is usually the performance of low -quality underwear.

Skills to buy high -quality sexy underwear

The skills to buy high -quality sexy underwear are as follows:

Choose a big brand with credibility

You need to choose a well -made tailor shop to avoid buying mass -produced products

It’s best to go to a professional sex shop to buy, these stores usually provide some additional information and suggestions

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, because different people have different needs and preferences.Therefore, when choosing, the following factors need to be considered:

Comfortable: The skin that is skinny and soft will make you feel more comfortable, thereby enhancing the sexual experience

Size: The size must be appropriate. The size that is too large or too small will reduce the comfort, and it will also affect the appearance effect

Style: Consider your body and personal preferences to choose different styles.If you want to show your sexy and temptation, you can choose the teasing style. If you want more comfortable use experience, you can choose some comfortable and natural styles

How to clean and maintain sex underwear?

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear is also a very important part.First of all, you need to follow the following rules:

Do not clean underwear at high temperatures. You can choose how to wash cold water or hand -wash to avoid damaging elastic fabrics

Reverse cleaning: When cleaning the underwear, you must turn the underwear inside and clean it, which can reduce the damage to the underwear fabric

Don’t expose it: avoid exposure, dry it in a cool place

Taobao sex lingerie after -sales service guarantee

To buy sexy underwear on Taobao, we also need to consider the quality of after -sales service, because sometimes you may receive underwear with poor quality or inappropriate sizes.

In this regard, we should buy shops that provide high -quality after -sales service.For Taobao stores, you can choose shops that provide fast returns, exchanges and quality assurance.


In short, choosing high -quality sexy underwear can not only enhance our sexual experience, but also bring more fun and excitement.Therefore, when buying underwear, you need to decisively choose those reputable shops, and pay special attention to maintaining maintenance and cleaning, so as to ensure the quality and service life of underwear.

Finally, I hope that readers can fully consider their needs and preferences when buying sexy underwear, buy high -quality and suitable underwear, so as to get a more pleasant experience.

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