Taobao shooting sex underwear female model


In today’s Internet era, Taobao has become the first choice for shopping in many people, and sex underwear, as a special clothing, also has a lot of sales on Taobao.However, how to take product pictures of sexy underwear is a problem that causes many merchants to have a headache.

Choose a female model

Product pictures of sexy underwear need to choose the appropriate female model, preferably tall and tall proportion.


When taking pictures of sexy underwear products, you need to put some sexy postures, such as the perspective behind you, sitting on a lazy perspective.

make up

Before photography, she must make makeup for models so that she is more confident and beautiful when shooting.

Choose background

When taking pictures of sexy underwear products, the choice of background is very important.You should choose some gorgeous backgrounds, such as red or black sheets.

Popular style

Now, the most popular sexy lingerie styles on Taobao include long -sleeved hollow, three -point, vest style, etc.Merchants can give priority to shooting these popular styles.

Detailed care

During the shooting process, you need to pay attention to some details, such as keeping the model excited and adjusting the clothing in time to ensure a better shooting effect.

Light treatment

When taking pictures of sexy underwear products, the treatment of lighting is also very important.You should use soft lights to highlight the sexy of the model.

Clothing quality

When taking pictures of sexy underwear products, you need to ensure the quality of the clothing itself to ensure that the photos taken meet the customer’s expectations.

Determine the right price

After taking the picture of the product of the sexy underwear, you need to determine the appropriate price.Merchants should formulate prices based on the value of goods and market demand.

in conclusion

There is no fixed answer to how to take product pictures of sexy underwear.Merchants should find ways to find them according to their experience and observation of market needs.However, these contents mentioned above are some aspects that need to be paid attention to when taking pictures of sexy underwear products. I hope to help merchants.

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