Taobao shop sending sexy underwear

Overview: The current situation of Taobao shop sending sex underwear

In today’s e -commerce era, more and more Taobao shops have begun to send erotic underwear as gifts or special products to attract customers, because in addition to sexy charm of sexy underwear, there are many health advantages and health effects.The product, but when choosing a sexy underwear, customers have a lot of things to pay attention to. Let’s discuss the related issues of Taobao shops to send sex underwear.

Part 1: Distinguish between true and false sexy underwear

A large part of the sexy underwear sent by Taobao stores is that the quality is not available.Before buying, you must add more.Under general circumstances, merchants will sell inferior clothing as sexy underwear, and use the false publicity of pictures to deceive customers’ money. Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, try to choose high -profile and reputable Taobao shops to avoid purchasing inferiority and inferiority and inferiority and poor quality and good reputation.Fake and shoddy sexy underwear.

Part 2: Follow the size selection

Even the same size number, the brand is different, the size is not exactly the same.Therefore, you must pay attention to the size table in the detailed description of the product before buying, and select the appropriate size according to your body size, otherwise it will cause the size of the size. It will also bring physical discomfort or even health problems.

Part 3: Pay attention to materials and fabrics

The material and fabric of sexy underwear are very important, and it has a great impact on the comfort of clothing and its practicality.Good erotic underwear always uses comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics to avoid choosing their inferior versions and will bring you unbearable discomfort and harm.

Part 4: Choose the right color and style

Because of the preferences and body characteristics of different people, each sexy underwear has a certain range of choices.In terms of color, you should avoid choosing too bright or too dark and low -key colors. Select the appropriate color according to your preferences and skin tone. The style selection should be considered according to your physical lines and aesthetic views.

Part 5: Treatment of the relationship between sexy and healthy

As a kind of clothing, sexy underwear is usually associated with a sexy theme, but you should also pay attention to the relationship between it and your health.When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, be careful not to pursue the effect of too sexy. Excessive compression may cause poor human cycle or even affect breast health.

Part 6: Daily Nursing of Fun Underwear

Sexy underwear is a privacy, and the number of wearing and use is less, but over time, wear and bacteria will accumulate on it. Therefore, the regular cleaning and care of sexy underwear are very important to ensure its appearance and quality.Avoid infectious diseases or bring health problems.At the same time, the cleaning method and temperature of the product manual or label indication should be based on the personal care method.

Part 7: The suitable price when buying sexy underwear

The price of sex underwear is very different due to the differences in brands and materials.When choosing a suitable price range, it should be based on personal consumption level, income status and cost -effectiveness. Do not blindly pursue prices, and do not be superstitious about valuable brands. Interesting underwear of conscience is the best choice for you.

Part 8: The benefits of sending sexy underwear on Taobao shops

When buying things in Taobao stores, many shops offer gifts or special products. Among them, love underwear has become a very popular preferential product.For customers, Taobao stores can not only taste special products, but also gain cost -effective benefits. For merchants, the preferential preferential gifts of sexy underwear can also attract consumers to increase sales.Therefore, this preferential method for Taobao stores to send sex underwear is worth trying with customers and merchants.


Although Taobao stores have become a popular trend, when choosing and buying sex underwear, we must pay more attention to the quality, materials and health problems of the goods, and maintain a rational and mature attitude in order to experience the real sex underwear.The duality of sexy and health.

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