Taobao shops can sell sexy underwear


Selling fun underwear on Taobao is not an easy task, but this is indeed an opportunity to get extra income.Taobao is the largest e -commerce platform in China. Every day, thousands of people visit Taobao website, which means that your shop will have the opportunity to attract more users.

Choose your product type

Interest underwear includes various styles, colors and sizes, from adult uniforms to sexy swimsuit.You need to determine the specific types you want to sell, and then select your product based on these types.This helps you maintain competitiveness on Taobao and distinguish between other shops.

Understand laws and regulations

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao needs to abide by some laws and regulations, and these regulations vary from the country and regions.Before starting the sale, make sure you have understood the relevant regulations.Otherwise, you may face penalties, close the store, etc.

Ready supplier

How do you need to sell sexy underwear on Taobao?First, you need to cooperate with the supplier.You can choose to cooperate with manufacturers, wholesalers or agents.No matter which type of supplier you choose, ensure that they can provide good quality and reasonable prices.

Have a professional online store

Having a professional online store on Taobao can help you attract more potential customers.You need to carefully design your online store to make it more attractive.In addition, choosing your positioning, such as high -quality products, thoughtful service, affordable price, etc. are important factor that attracts customers.

Fully investigate the market

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao is a fierce market. You need to understand the market in depth to understand your competitors and their products.Find your competitive advantage and improve it, so as to stand out in the market.


Selling sexy underwear on Taobao requires marketing.You can bring more traffic to your online store through the methods of natural ranking, signature advertisements, shopping cart recommendations, traffic recommendation and advertising.Make sure your promotion strategy can attract potential customers and transform them into customers.

After -sales service

Do not forget the after -sales service after sales, which is important for your customers to repurchase and spread information for you.To ensure your service quality in the after -sales service and solve the problem of customers in a timely manner, this can improve customer satisfaction.

Monitoring performance

When operating in Taobao stores, it is necessary to continuously monitor and data analysis of the performance of the store, such as UV volume, GMV, conversion rate to discover problems and adjust in time.

in conclusion

Selling sex underwear on Taobao is not an easy task, but if you can adopt the right strategy and adopt the right way, your company can definitely succeed in this market.You need to choose a good supplier, build a professional online store, and carry out marketing, etc. These are very important.Constantly summing up experience, constantly improving yourself and adapting to different markets will keep your stores moving forward.

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