The earliest sexy underwear show in the mainland

Background introduction

With the gradual opening of sexual culture, sexy underwear has become a fashion, and it is no longer just sex.However, not everyone can accept this culture, and even some people think it is a wretched behavior.However, in some cities in the mainland, the sexy underwear show gradually moved towards the public vision.

Impression of sexy underwear show

In 2000, Shanghai’s first sex shop was opened. The owner thought of a very interesting event-the sex underwear show, which is the earliest sexy underwear show in mainland history.Although the sexy lingerie show was still very immature at the time, it was a deep impression that such a show was.

Improving people’s sexual concepts

Interest underwear itself is a kind of sex culture, which represents a kind of recognition and respect for sex.The sex lingerie show is to use this culture to expand its influence and enhance people’s sexual concepts.In this show, the topic that people felt difficult to open up in the past were shouted loudly, which will help people look at sex more openly.

Art and sexy coexistence

Interest underwear is not equal to exposure and vulgarity. It is an art, a kind of art that can express the beautiful body, mysterious and sexy art.The sexy underwear show is one of the best ways to show the beauty of women. It combines art and sexy organic way.

From simplicity to luxury

Although the earliest sexy lingerie show in the mainland is very simple, it is a very important step in the history of the mainland sex lingerie show.Over time, the scale and form of the sexy underwear show are becoming more and more diverse. From the original performance, the combination of various elements such as dance, music, and lights, it even contains high -end high -end international model demonstrations demonstrationsFun underwear brand show.

Enhance the influence of sexy underwear brands

The sexy lingerie show can not only show women’s body beauty, but also an important means of promoting brand promotion brands in sex.In the sexy underwear show, the sexy underwear brand has been widely promoted and promoted, so that more people know the existence of this brand, thereby expanding the brand’s influence.

The difference between artistic and commercial types

There are two types of sexy lingerie shows, one is purely artistic, focusing on showing the beautiful and sexy side of women’s bodies; the other is commercial type, and the main purpose is brand promotion and sales.Different brands have different positioning, so the specific forms of sexy underwear shows are also different.

Social acceptance changes

When the sex lingerie show was the earliest, the acceptance of society was not very high, but over time, this acceptance was greatly improved.Now, the sexy underwear show is no longer a strange thing. In some cities in the mainland, this show has become a fashion culture.However, in some more conservative cities, the sexy lingerie show is still greatly restricted.

The meaning of sexy lingerie show

The sexy lingerie show itself is a culture, which represents a combination of sex culture, fashion culture and consumer culture.It has largely promoted the progress of sexual concepts and the opening of sexual culture, and also promoted the development and growth of the sexy underwear industry.It can be said that the sexy underwear show is a trendy culture that will continue to carry forward in the future.


As a cultural phenomenon, its development is not only closely related to the sex underwear industry, but also related to the reform and progress of the entire social culture.For individuals, we should look at sexual issues more scientific and openly, and we should also choose to be suitable for ourselves.

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