The female lead is the novel of sexy underwear model H


Her name is Xiao A, a sexy underwear model, an unexpected opportunity. She met the company’s big guy -sexy underwear designer H. Since then, her life has changed dramatically.

Become a model

When Little A first became a sexy underwear model, she didn’t have much experience.But under H’s guidance, she slowly learned how to show her sexiest side under the camera.At the same time, H is also designing new styles of sexy underwear, and Xiao A has become one of the trials.

First trial

When Xiao A tried to penetrate H design of Ho -design underwear, he felt like he became another person.That sexy and confident made her feel unprecedented.Since then, Xiao A has also started to have great interest in the design of sexy underwear.

understand deeper

H found that Xiao A was very interested in the design of sexy underwear, so he began to teach her basic knowledge about sexy underwear.From material to styles, from color matching to size matching, H shares all the experiences that he has accumulated for many years to Xiao A.

Market analysis

In addition to the knowledge of the sexy underwear itself, H also introduced the importance of market analysis to Xiao A.They analyzed sales data, customer needs, and the business strategies of competitors, and improved the design and promotion strategies of sexy underwear step by step.

Break through

In the case of fierce market competition, they want to find a breakthrough.Xiao A had an inspiration during the trial, and she suggested that some ordinary women can also wear comfortable sexy underwear.H believes this is a good idea, so they started designing and promoting this new type of sexy underwear.


After the design and production are completed, H also produced a series of advertisements for this new sexy underwear.They invited a number of online celebrities and celebrities to endorse, and at the same time launched various promotional activities, which attracted a lot of consumers’ attention in a short time.


In the end, they successfully pushed this new type of sexy underwear to the market and achieved good sales results.Xiao A was promoted to the head of the H team because of its outstanding performance in the design and promotion process, and successfully became the leader of the sex underwear industry.


Interesting underwear design is not only a craft, but also needs to understand market and marketing.The success of Xiao A and H is exactly the intersection of various factors and brings good results.We should learn to taste and appreciate the wonderful experience brought by sexy underwear.

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