The female protagonist’s chest wears a spicy text of sexy underwear

Types and choices of sexy underwear

Interest underwear, a sexy and sexy underwear, can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm.There are many types, including beauty lingerie, sexy underwear, adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc., which can be selected according to personal needs.

It is particularly important to choose the right sexy underwear for the big breasts.The selected underwear should have sufficient support, comfortable to fit the chest, and also have a sexy appearance.

Chest support sexy underwear

For women with large chests, it is important to choose a sexy underwear with chest support.This underwear generally uses a triangular or seamless cup, which can effectively support the chest to prevent exterior or sagging.

In addition, the texture or pattern of sexy underwear can also support the chest, such as the style of steel and semi -steel rings, and underwear with special materials.

Follow sex erotic lingerie

Choosing the right sexy underwear, the most important thing is to ensure fit the body.In this way, it can effectively emphasize the beautiful curve of the body and achieve sexy effects.

For women with large chests, some sexy underwear that fit the body, such as tight vests or waist corset, can effectively tighten the waist and back lines and highlight the sexy of the chest.

Interesting underwear of transparent materials

The sexy underwear of transparent materials is a favorite style of many women.When choosing, you should choose moderate transparency. If you do more, it will appear too exposed. If you less, you cannot achieve the sexy effect.

The addition of some transparent parts can play a role in increasing temperament and sexy, such as transparent lace, transparent mesh and other styles.At the same time, the transparent underwear with other clothing can also achieve different results.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace is one of the materials commonly used in sexy underwear.The lines of lace are slender, soft and sexy, light and soft in nature, good comfort, strong breathability and other characteristics, which are favored by women.

Especially for the big breasts of the heroine, lace sexy underwear can emphasize the beautiful curve of the chest and show a sexy effect.

T -shaped pants sexy underwear

Through pants are a sexy underwear style, and many sexy underwear also appears.Compared with traditional underwear, thongs are more compact and make the hip lines more beautiful.

In addition, the effect of the beautiful curve of the buttocks has also made many women in love.

Stomato sexy sheets

The bellyband is a more traditional Chinese women’s underwear, which is now used on sexy underwear.The bellyband is widely accepted with its concise and exquisite characteristics.

For the big condition of the female protagonist, the bellyband can more reflect the sexy of the chest and show unique charm.

Water sleeve sex sheet

Water sleeves sexy lingerie is an underwear style with ancient style. The unique design can highlight the temperament and charm of women.

For women with large chests, the shoulder straps of water sleeves can effectively share the weight of the chest, which is more comfortable and easy.

Shoulder sexy underwear

Shoulder and sexy underwear is an off -the -shoulder underwear style that can effectively display the shoulder lines and highlight the beautiful body of women.

In addition, the ratio of the chest and shoulders is slightly balanced, so that the chest will not look too prominent, and at the same time, we can wear sexy underwear more healthily and naturally.

Breast enhancement of sexy underwear

If you want to show a fuller chest, you can choose a breast enhancement underwear.These underwear generally use filling materials, such as sponge, capsules, etc., to increase the plump chest.

Of course, breast enhancement erotic underwear is not suitable for all women, it is best to choose according to individual needs.


Choosing the right sexy underwear can improve the image and self -confidence of women, and release the sexy and charm of women.For the large -scale situation of the female protagonist, choosing a sexy underwear such as the chest support, fit and sexy style can take into account the effects of health and sexy.

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