The game with the most sexy underwear

The game with the most sexy underwear

Interest underwear is based on trust and intimate relationships.In the life of husband and wife, sexy underwear is an important tool for enhancing emotional and sexual fun.But it is obviously not enough to wear sexy underwear to cause sexual excitement. Therefore, we need to play some games to add fun and excitement to sexy underwear without violating the moral bottom line.Below, we will introduce some games with the most sexy underwear.

1.7 days different underwear

This is a long -term game.For women, they need to prepare 7 different types of sexy underwear. Each set of underwear has specific colors and shapes. Men need to choose the underwear left to the other party according to the specified colors and types every night.Wearing or placed, this game can greatly enrich the types of sexy underwear and increase the interaction between couples.

2. Gaming

Putting off and taking off sexy underwear is also a very interesting gameplay.Women are wearing a number of underwear stacks, and men need to take them off as much as possible in a specific way.This kind of game can be played after warm -up, bringing more excitement to sex.

3. Pour

In order to increase variables and stimuli, two horses can be used to increase the randomness of the game.First, put the underwear on the bed and throw the two colors into the air.If the points appear in the same color, the underwear you wear is unchanged, and the types of underwear are changed. Men and women choose each other based on random colors and types to wear underwear for each other.

4. Sexy lingerie maze

Put some screens and curtains in the bedroom to make some private spaces, and then place multiple underwear.Men need to wear specific types of underwear to find the way to export.In the process, women can interfere or encourage, add more interest to the game.

5. Special tailoring

The charm of sexy underwear lies in its design and tailoring, which is an important symbol to increase the quality of sexy underwear.Putting a lot of underwear on the bed, and asking men to put underwear on women without looking at underwear labels. This is a good way to test male eye strength and interest.

6. Random flirt

This is a way to avoid modeling and monotonous.Before sex, choose a word or object randomly to locate their respective movements, positions, or postures.Or perform specific flirting movements based on a selected underwear.This can not only challenge the creativity and imagination of both parties, but also increase sexuality.

7. Guess guess of underwear

Among both men and women, one side hits, and the other side chooses one underwear to wear on his own.The wake -up partner needs to observe the other party’s movements and guess the other party’s underwear.If you guess right, there will be gifts, otherwise there will be punishment.This game can not only increase interest, but also increase the communication and interaction of the soul.

8. Underwear Party

Underwear party can be a perfect plan for vacation or party.Participants share their favorite sexy underwear or imitating fashion underwear. Participants wear their own underwear introduced by themselves and others, which increase their intimate relationship.

in conclusion

Interesting lingerie games effectively increase the stimulus and fun of the relationship between husband and wife, and also bring freshness and infinite possibilities to sex.In addition, sexy lingerie games can also promote communication and understanding between men and women, making the relationship between husband and wife more happy and stable.

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