The hazards of wearing sex underwear

1 Introduction

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with women.Various colors, styles, and materials are endless and dazzling.However, in order to pursue sexy and fashionable, some women wear too tight, super thin, and no support for sexy underwear, which has caused a series of health problems.In this regard, we need to see what harm to wear in sex underwear.

2. Skin allergies

Many sexy underwear uses artificial fiber and chemical dyes. These chemicals are irritating to the skin and can easily cause allergic reactions.When sexy underwear is in contact with the skin for a long time, it is easy to cause discomfort such as redness, itching, and rash.In order to avoid skin allergies, choosing a natural material of sexy underwear or a comfortable and breathable underwear will be safer.

3. The pubic hair slowly disappears

Some erotic underwear, such as G string pants, low -waist briefs, etc., design tightness and partially cover the pubic hair area. If we wear frequently, it will compress the skin and hair follicles of the hips and genitals, causing the pubic hair to gradually fall off and the area becomes dry and tasteless.Therefore, it is recommended that women pay attention to protecting their private parts when wearing fun underwear, choose the right sexy lingerie style to avoid harm to the genitals.

4. Breast drooping

Some sexy lingerie is thin and unprepared. In the case of long -term wear, breast drooping is a common problem.Especially those women who often wear sexy underwear can easily lead to relaxation of breast tissue and sagging for a long time.Therefore, women choose the materials and craftsmanship that suits them when buying sexy underwear to avoid affecting the health of the chest.

5. Modern drooping

Excessive erotic underwear will compress women’s abdomen and pelvis, affect the recovery of ligaments and muscles, and cause uterine sagging.Long -term band -shaped compression can cause ligament to relax, excessively extend, and even cause bladder protrusion.Therefore, women should not be too tight or thin when wearing sexy underwear, and they must be worn reasonably.

6. STD infection

Some erotic underwear is not breathable because of the material, and even the risk of cleaning is not cleaned even before the sexual behavior is cleaned, which leads to the generated pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and sexual transmission virus.In addition, if sexy underwear is shared between different people, it will also increase the risk of sexually transmitted disease infections.Therefore, we recommend that women keep clean and hygienic when wearing sexy lingerie, especially before sexual life to avoid infection.

7. Vascular blockage

Many erotic underwear are designed with a lot of pressure. Long -term wear can easily lead to local blockage of vascular blockage, affect the cycle, and cause physical discomfort.It is recommended that women are easily comfortable when wearing sexy underwear, and avoid choosing tight, dark and too thin sexy underwear to reduce compression of blood vessels.

8. Increase the risk of urinary incontinence

Some sexy underwear is made of chemical synthetic fiber, which will not only affect the health of reproductive organs, but also affect the urinary system, especially after menopause.Long -term wearing non -breathable or irritating sexy underwear can also lead to dry vaginal dryness and increased symptoms of menopausal symptoms, which can easily lead to urinary incontinence.It is recommended that women pay attention to their own health when choosing sexy underwear.

9. Women’s inflammation

Wearing tight and impermeable sexy underwear can easily lead to humidity in women’s private parts, which causes a lot of bacteria, leading to gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis.Therefore, when women wear sexy underwear, they should choose breathable, sweat -absorbing, and soft underwear, and pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene and cleaning to avoid inflammation.

10. Conclusion

Wearing sex lingerie is harmful to health and should be worn reasonably.When buying sexy underwear, women need to choose a sexual underwear style and length that suits them according to their body characteristics, comfort, and brand reputation.At the same time, women should also pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene and cleaning to avoid diseases.

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