The most expensive sexy underwear video

1 Introduction:

As a sexual product, sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.With the progress of society and the opening of people’s ideas, the market for sex underwear is becoming larger and larger.Recently, there is one of the most expensive sexy underwear on the market that has attracted people’s attention and discussion.So, what is amazing about this sexy underwear?Let’s find out below.

2. Information introduction:

This sexy underwear was launched by the well -known Italian brand Tulipano Nero.The materials used are pure white corals that are screened and cleaned by the ship after falling into the sea.After fine processing of corals, it was finally sewn into a beautiful and sexy sexy underwear.

3. Production process:

The production process of this sexy underwear is very cumbersome and requires multiple craftsmen to complete them together.The first is to choose corals. Each piece of coral needs to be accepted to ensure that there is no impurities and flaws, and then polish, polish and stitch.Next, customize underwear based on the customer’s figure and make final sewing and decoration.The entire production process takes 2 to 3 months.

4. Price analysis:

The price of this sexy underwear is as high as $ 1 million.Compared with the price of tens of dollars or hundreds of yuan in ordinary sexy underwear, this price is really amazing, and some people even think that the price of this underwear is a bit incredible.

5. Typical customers:

The typical customer group of this sexy underwear is those luxury collectors with quite financial resources and taste.They usually don’t care about the price of this underwear, and they are even more rare and unique.In addition, this underwear has also attracted a lot of fashion iCon and Hollywood stars, reflecting its unique and amazing high quality.

6. Evaluation analysis:

The evaluation of this sexy underwear is good or bad. Some people think that the price is too outrageous, it is not worth the price; some people think that its coral is pure, sophisticated, and complicated. It is indeed worth this price.EssenceIn fact, the value of anything is relatively speaking. The key is to depend on the recognition of buyers.

7. Impact on the market:

The impact of this sexy underwear on the market is far -reaching.It first made models and demonstration effects of the entire market from R & D, construction, sales and publicity.At the same time, it has also strengthened the closeness to the connection between the brand and the sexy underwear, innovated the development ideas of the sexy underwear industry, and provided more personalized choices and space for the brand.Its future development of the sexy underwear industry foreshadows a broader development prospect.

8. The final conclusion:

In general, this is the most expensive erotic underwear on the market. Although the price is high, the market response is very enthusiastic, which proves that consumers’ recognition and acceptance of it, and also reflect the power of the brand’s influence.We can look forward to this sexy underwear to see its future development trends and the degree of influence of the industry.

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