The name of the sexy underwear store is named

1. Understand your target customer base

Before getting a name for the sexy underwear store, first understand your target customer base.Is your customer group male or female?What is their age paragraph?What are their tastes and preferences?This information can help you better choose a store name that meets customer needs.

2. Use clear vocabulary

Sex underwear is a product related to sex and romance.Therefore, the name of the store is bold and healthy, full of warmth, and attractive.Use clear, humorous, cute or sexy vocabulary to stimulate customers’ interest, and the effect will be better.

3. Positioning brand image

The name of the sex underwear store should be consistent with the brand image.The quality of the store is related to the quality, price, audience, style and theme of the product.For example, if you are a high -end brand, your store name should reflect your nobleness, such as "NOBLE LINGERIE", "Valentine’ s Secret "or" La Luna ".

4. Think of the slogan of the brand

Sometimes, the slogan of the brand can be inspired by the name of the store.By digging the slogans such as "one night passion, never forget", "bravely express, self -confidence and wonderful", you can use the names like "Desire Lingerie" or "Confident Intimates".

5. Use regional name

It is also a choice to integrate the regional name or local cultural elements into the store name.This helps to highlight the local characteristics of the store, thereby attracting local customers.For example, "brown sugar culture", "Shenzhen Sphle", "Fujian Lebu underwear" and so on.

6. Select the name of the vivid image

The vivid name can also attract customers’ attention.Stores with image names such as "Fairy Lingerie", "Diao Chan’s Love", and "French style" can attract customers’ attention.

7. Innovative name

The name of innovation can attract customer attention.By understanding and exploring the brand, a unique name can be created.For example, "LACE LAVENDER", "SOUL SOLACE", "Infinite Intimates" and so on.

8. Attraction of customers’ attention

Find compound words or phrases from daily language, daily newspapers, advertising, or news.For example, "GODDESS GLAM", "DARING DREAMS", "" Naighty NOOK "," Tease & Touch "and so on.

9. Phase and law

Use words about sexy underwear and other vocabulary combinations. This method can increase the popularity of the store, such as "intmate essentials", "Fantasy Fits", "Silky SEDUCTION" and so on.

10. Summary view

Interest underwear is a creative, vibrant and sexy market.In terms of names, you need to imagine and understand your target customer base.Using a clear vocabulary, vivid image and innovative name or the above methods, you can find a store name that meets your brand positioning and attract customers’ attention.

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