The principal wants the teacher to wear a sexy underwear for class

The school was shocked by the principal who asked the teacher to wear a sex lingerie to class


The reason for the principal

It is reported that the reason for the principal is to stimulate students’ learning interest and enthusiasm through the way the female teacher wears fun underwear, making the classroom more interesting.

Impact on female teachers

However, the impact of this requirement on the female teacher cannot be ignored.Female teachers may face extreme embarrassment and discomfort, and even violate their own values and professional ethics.And, this is also easy to cause students’ bad ideas and discomfort.

Impact on students

For students, they are still puberty, and their interest in sex is very sensitive and strong.If they see the female teacher wearing sexy underwear in the classroom, it is easy to have bad emotions and thoughts, and even excessive attention to women’s bodies.

Teacher professional ethics specifications

As teachers engaged in the education industry, they must strictly abide by professional ethics.Classes in sex underwear violate professional norms, not only lose respect and trust, but also may be revoked by teachers.

Social response and responsibility

Faced with this incident, all sectors of society have published attitudes to condemn such acts.The school and the education department should also take action to take measures to ensure the rights and standards of teachers’ rights and standardized education, and at the same time strengthen education management and supervision to avoid similar incidents.

The essence and purpose of education

The nature and purpose of education are to cultivate students ‘thinking ability, creativity and comprehensive quality, rather than attract students’ attention with improper means.The principal’s requirements are not conducive to education and teaching, nor does it meet the concepts and values of modern education.The education industry should promote the development of education with the concepts and methods of standardization, science, and modernization, so that each student can achieve comprehensive, balanced and healthy development.

Protection of minors

Minors are precious wealth of family, schools and society.We need to provide the best protection and environment for the healthy growth of minors.The education industry not only requires teachers to follow professional ethics, but also require higher standards to standardize the campus environment and student behavior to ensure the safety and health of minors.

in conclusion

Education is the cornerstone of each country. The education industry must make correct, scientific and standardized decisions and choices to promote the healthy development of education.

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