The psychology of my ex -wife who bought sexy underwear

The psychology of my ex -wife who bought sexy underwear

Why buy a sexy sheet

Sex underwear is a clothing that makes women more confident and shows their charm and sexy.For some self -confident and independent women, buying sexy underwear can meet their seeking for personal image and individual needs.

At the same time, the variety of sexy underwear and unique styles can meet the needs of women to change styling at any time, and even increase interest in intimate relationships, bringing more new experiences and happiness to the lives of two people.

Why should my ex -wife buy sexy underwear

There are many reasons for their ex -wife to buy sexy underwear.On the one hand, she may want to increase fun in sex and increase the intimate relationship between the two parties.On the other hand, buying sexy underwear can meet her needs in self -dressing, let her find her confidence and shape her personal charm.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, and different people have different needs and preferences.Adults sexy lingerie, European and American sex lingerie, suit sex erotic lingerie and lace sexy underwear, etc. Each has a unique design and style, which can meet different women’s psychology and needs.

Color and style

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, the choice of color and style is very important.The enthusiastic sexual sexy underwear can be carbon black color, red, coral, etc., making women look more sexy and more moving.The fresh and elegant lace sexy underwear can choose white, apricot color, etc., which is more gentle and cute.

Selection of size

The size of sexy underwear is also very important.Different styles of sexy underwear will also have different sizes, so you must pay attention to your body and size when choosing.Excessive or small sexy underwear will affect the entire wear effect, and it will also affect the personal mood and confidence.

Matching accessories

In addition to sexy underwear itself, properly matched with some accessories and decorations can also add a lot to women.For example, high heels, bracelets, necklaces, etc. can make women more sexy and charming.Flowers, fabrics, lights and other accessories can also add atmosphere and color to sexy underwear.

Method of purchase

There are many ways to buy sex underwear. You can buy it online, specialty store purchases, and e -commerce platforms such as Taobao.It should be noted that when choosing to buy consumer sexy underwear, you must choose a merchant with reputation and a certain reputation to avoid buying fake goods and bad products.


After wearing sexy underwear, many women will feel unprecedented confidence and satisfaction.Wearing sexy sexy underwear, it feels more charming, intimate and charming.In sex, sexy underwear can also bring deeper recognition and enjoyment.


Although sexy underwear has been accepted and recognized by more and more women, there are still certain blind spots in education.In traditional Chinese culture, sex and sex are taboo and recognized. There are also certain misunderstandings and prejudices for clothes and behaviors such as sexy underwear.Therefore, education is an indispensable link in enhancing the public’s awareness of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Interest underwear has become a symbol of women’s identity and charm in modern society. By choosing the right sexy underwear, women can show their charm and confidence.However, when choosing and buying, you need to pay attention to many aspects of requirements and conditions, and also need to strengthen education and publicity in order to meet the public’s cognition and needs for sexy underwear.

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