The story novel of the little three sexy underwear

Start wearing a sexy sheet

When I found that Xiao San had an ambiguous relationship with my husband, I felt collapsed.I started to doubt myself, I’m not sure that this was because I was too old or could not meet his sexual needs.I tried to communicate with him, but he kept admitting.He always said that I think too much.I decided to find a way to change all this, so I started wearing a sexy lingerie.

The process of looking for underwear

I started looking for different types of underwear in different erotic lingerie shops.I explored various brands that locate different brands, from adult erotic lingerie to European and American sexy underwear, until I found one that suits me.In this process, I believe I have become more confident and brave.

Self -confidence of sexy underwear

Wearing sex underwear changed my attitude and behavior.I started to be active and tried to improve my appearance.I am no longer afraid of seeking what I want, but starting to express my wishes confidently.

Approach Xiao San

I decided to approach Primary Three because I want to know her relationship with my husband.So I started to imitate her dress style, learn her sexy behavior, and even began to maliciously imitate her way of conversation.I know that I can’t be too much, so I just introduce myself and let her know my existence.

Start approaching my husband

After Primary Three knew my existence, I started to be closer to my husband.We started to try new things together, such as drama performances and art painting.Our relationship becomes closer and stable.

The match between toys and sexy underwear

When I started to solve the affectionate underwear more deeply, I also started to learn how to use toys.This is also very helpful for our relationship.I started looking for various types of toys to help us enjoy each other’s body better.

Changes in sexy underwear and life

Wearing sex underwear not only changed my family relationship, but also changed my habits and lifestyle.I started to pay more attention to my appearance and internal.I spend more time reading and learning, and pay more attention to my diet and health care.

Reasons to like sexy underwear

I like to wear sex underwear because it makes me feel confident and sexy.I am no longer restricted by society’s fixed standards for women’s appearance and age.I no longer pin my happiness on my husband’s preferences and needs.I dominate the direction and happiness of my life.

The key process in life

This war with Primary Three is a key process in my life.Because this war broke my blind prejudice against marriage and women.I also love myself more and enjoy life.Everyone should pursue their own happiness and happiness.


Love yourself, love your body, try new things, don’t be afraid to change, it can improve your experience and life.Don’t expect life in others, so your happiness will never be your own.The erotic underwear gave me a different experience, and it also brought me an opportunity to fight for my husband with Xiaosan, but the most important thing was that that opportunity brought me the awakening of my identity and love for myself.

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