The story of the lizard wearing a sexy underwear

Lizard discovered erotic sheets

At the end of a small town, there is a man named lizard. He is a young man who likes to wear fashionable.One day, he accidentally discovered the existence of the sexy lingerie store, so he went in and browsed.He saw all kinds of erotic underwear, as if he had entered a new world. He kept searching and looking for the most suitable for him.

Lizard picks love lingerie

After many attempts, the lizard finally found the set of sexy underwear that is most suitable for you. It is a black sex and sexy lingerie. The deep V -neck design makes his chest more upright.Very comfortable.

Lizard feels sexy underwear

After putting on this erotic underwear, the lizard feels very sexy and confident.When he saw himself in the mirror, he couldn’t help but shout the slogan "I’m so handsome!".He felt that this set of fun underwear showed his charming charm perfectly.

The lizard takes a sexy underwear to the black shop

One night, the lizard went to a lively black shop with sexy underwear.Those who wore ordinary clothes were shocked when they saw him. Some people marvel at his fashion, some praised his handsomeness, and some people started to really like him.

Attention caused by sexy underwear

Because the lizard came to the black shop wearing sexual affection, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.The people in the team, including boys and girls, began to talk to him, hoping to know him.He became extremely popular and received a lot of praise.

The lizard is stopped

However, some people who couldn’t get used to him also began to express dissatisfaction.They laughed at him and said they didn’t understand whether this dress was appropriate.However, the lizard has not changed.He firmly believes that this is the way he expresses himself and shows charm.

Sex underwear has brought achievements to lizards

Sex underwear has brought a lot of achievements to lizards. He has become a very sexy and popular figure, and is loved by many people.He won more friends and had more opportunities.

Sexuality Fun underwear is not suitable for everyone

Although sexy underwear has brought a lot of benefits to lizards, we also need to understand that sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone.We should respect everyone’s aesthetics and preferences, and we should not use our own standards to regulate others’ wear.

Wearing can reflect a person’s personality and attitude

We can see from the story of the lizard that wearing can reflect a person’s personality and attitude.Only when we wear the clothes we feel suitable can we truly show ourselves, rather than follow the requirements of others.


Sexual feelings are a very special way to wear, it is not suitable for everyone.But if you think it is suitable for you, then you should wear it.In this way, you can truly show yourself and achieve your charm.

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