The top ten of sexy underwear brands

The top ten of sexy underwear brands

1. Victoria’s Secret

As one of the world’s largest sexy lingerie brands, Victoria’s Secret has always led the fashion trend with its classic sexy angel series and luxurious fashion shows.

2. La Perla

La Perla is a luxury brand from Italy. With its excellent design and manufacturing technology, it enjoys a well -known worldwide.Its female sex lingerie series is almost considered perfect.

3. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand, providing high -end retro -style products.Its style is unique and colorful, and it has attracted many fashionable people.

4. Wolford

Wolford is Austrian erotic underwear brand. Its products have a simple and charming style and high quality.Homework in the European market.

5. Chateelle

Chantelle is the French sexy underwear brand. It provides consumers with a lot of choices with different styles and tailored series of products.Its unique design and high -quality materials have high credibility in Europe.

6. Simone Perele

Simone Perele shows the elegance of French fashion, unique tailoring and design.Its products are invincible and gradually move towards the international market.

7. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a US sexy underwear brand, which is loved by the public for its bright and colorful colors.The product has good breathability and comfort, and is loved by consumers.


AUBADE is one of the high -end French sexy underwear brands. Its products focus on details and craftsmanship, as well as the beauty of elegance and sexy coexistence is its unique feature.

9. cosabella

COSABELLA is the Italian sexy lingerie brand, which is popular with its comfort and easy -to -wear.It uses soft and light fabrics, giving people a very delicate touch, no irritation to the skin, and is widely recognized.

10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a well -known internationally renowned fashion brand. Its sex lingerie series makes the brand more fashionable and unforgettable.Simple shapes and high -quality materials are the reason why they have attracted much attention from young people.


The above sexy underwear brands are widely sought after by consumers worldwide. Each brand has its unique design style, quality and price is also the focus of consumers’ pursuit.When choosing a sexy underwear brand, it is recommended that consumers choose the brand that suits them according to their needs and budgets.

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