There are few sexy underwear size


Interest underwear has become one of the very popular fashion categories in modern society.However, with the continuous pursuit of ideal state, the size required is getting larger and larger.For example, a large number of full -bodied women want to find a large size of sexy underwear to meet their needs.However, large -size sexy underwear is rare.

Brand problem

There are many brands of sexy underwear, but there are very few brands developing large -size sexy underwear.This is because the production cost of large -size erotic underwear is much higher than underwear in ordinary size.This makes many small brands unable to bear it.

Production difficulty

The production difficulty of large -size sex lingerie is relatively high. It needs to be carefully selected by the design department, and special selection of fabrics must be selected.More importantly, in the process of cutting of large -size erotic lingerie, we must take into account the size and tailoring ratio to make a style that is more in line with ergonomics.

Market factors

From the perspective of market sales, the sales volume of large -size sexy underwear is relatively small, which makes many manufacturers do not have enough motivation to produce such products.In addition, the market audience of large -size sex underwear is relatively narrow. For dealers, the risks are greater, and many dealers are not willing to take over the large -size sexy underwear.

Material problem

Compared with the sexy underwear of the average size, the fabric of large -size lingerie is higher.Because large -size sexy underwear needs better support and comfort, the fabric is more comfortable and softer.This increases the difficulty and cost of large -size sex underwear.

Design problem

The design of large -size sex lingerie is also a very important issue.It is necessary to adopt design elements that meet the needs of large size body to avoid the difficulty of covering the fat, and at the same time meet the beauty and sexy requirements.This requires more attention to the processing of details and the control of length.

Brand strategy

Most of the well -known erotic underwear brands are producing standard sizes of sexy underwear, and they are less involved in the field of large -size sexy underwear.If the brand wants to develop large -size sexy underwear, you need to start with the brand strategy to improve your production capacity and research and development capabilities. At the same time, use large -size sexy underwear as an independent series of your own brand, advocate a positive large -size culture, and gradually increase large size to large sizeSales of sexy underwear.

Market potential

Although the market potential of large -size sexy underwear is not as large as ordinary size of sexy underwear, as people’s health concept increases, the demand for fitting and comfort is becoming more and more urgent.With this demand support, the potential market size of large -size sex underwear is also considerable.

Consumer demand

As a manufacturer, the most important thing is to meet the needs of consumers and focus on market potential.Now, many women want to find the sexy underwear with suitable sizes, and the lack of large -size sexy underwear has also made consumer demand not well satisfied.The emergence of large -size erotic underwear will effectively solve such a problem, so that consumers’ needs can be better met.


In general, although large -size sexy underwear has high difficulty and cost in production, its market potential is undoubtedly quite huge.The manufacturers of large -size sex underwear need to take more comprehensive consideration and research from the aspects of brand strategy, material selection, design, etc., so as to achieve greater sales in the future market.

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