There are several kinds of girl’s sexy underwear

There are several kinds of girl’s sexy underwear

Whether in sex games or daily life, wearing a sexy sexy underwear can make girls feel more confident and charming.However, when choosing a sexy underwear, girls may face difficulty in choosing.This article will help girls choose to better choose sexy underwear for girls through the introduction of the type of sexy underwear.

1. Women’s bra

Women’s bras are the most basic styles in girls’ sexy underwear.According to the different sizes of the cup, women’s bras are usually divided into A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup and other specifications.When choosing, pay attention to the size of the cup to match the size of your chest to achieve better results.

2. Fun bikini set

The fun bikini set has two types and two options.It is characterized by sexy and fashionable, while showing girls’ backs and beautiful legs.It is a good choice for girls who like to reveal skin bodies.

3. Charm vest underwear

Charm vest underwear is a sexy sexy underwear.Its uniqueness is that its design can reveal girls’ scapula, form a sexy outline, making girls look more charming.

4. stockings

In addition to a variety of erotic lingerie, stockings are also indispensable in girls’ sexy lingerie categories.Stockings have various colors and flower types, which can be used with different sexy underwear to play a more significant effect.

5. Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are generally a loose underwear that can be worn on the body with a sweet night with the partner.Generally speaking, sexy pajamas have more styles and rich styles.When choosing, girls can choose according to their own designs and colors.

6. Open the file sexy underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is intended to leave a certain gap during design, which is intended to meet the needs of sex.This sexy underwear is suitable for girls who are pursuing excitement, which can bring a beautiful and profound experience.

7. Stakes

Stockings are a perfect way to keep the socks and stockings without falling.Girls can choose different colors, materials, shapes, pieces, numbers and trading companies, which are matched with different styles of sexy underwear with different styles and unique styles.

8. Sexual jumpsuit

Sexual jumpsuit is a sexy sexy underwear. It is characterized by gathering the top and the lower dress, which is very eye -catching.The version, color and material of the pants are also very rich. Girls can choose suitable sexual jumpsuits according to their preferences.

9. Bottom pants

Belo pants are one of the most common styles in girls’ sexy underwear. They can be worn under skirts or shorts.Generally speaking, the design of the leggings is simple, but the material can be very soft. It can still maintain a good quality for girls after using many times, showing a more sexy and confident self.

10. Ceiling underwear

Ceiling underwear is a thin sexy underwear made of fine yarn, lace lace and other materials. It is often used as night pajamas. When it matches various types of lady skirts and dresses, a soft curve can be formed.

in conclusion

The type of girl’s sexy lingerie can be said to be very rich and diverse. Although each sexy underwear has its unique characteristics and scope of application, no matter which sexy underwear is, the key to choice is to meet the girl’s body, psychology, and actual situation.Demand.Therefore, when you buy, you must customize it and choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, so as to better show the charm and confidence of girls and win the favor of your partner.

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