Training in sexy underwear

Training in sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only an external aesthetics, but also represents the internal sexy and interesting taste.Among them, the training department has a strong personalized color and fashion sense.In terms of wearing and use, there are many places to pay attention to the fun underwear.In this article, we will explore the relevant knowledge and wearing techniques of tuning and sexy underwear.

How to choose the tuning department sexy underwear?

When choosing a tuning department, you must first consider your body and body characteristics.Different people are suitable for different styles.If you are tall, it is recommended to choose lace to disclose sexy, back -back straps, etc. If you have a slim figure, it is recommended to choose the back hollow or ultra -short sexy underwear. If you are full, you can choose a retro lace and other styles.At the same time, you should also pay attention to choosing a suitable size and fabric to avoid reducing discomfort and use effects to use.

How to wear tuning and sexy underwear?

When wearing a tuning department, you need to pay attention to the texture and visual effect of the underwear.Positioning the position and lines of the underwear correctly will make the figure more sloppy and more sexy.The overall dress should be outlined as much as possible, and it should not be too suspended and contracted.At the same time, pay attention to the matching of underwear and coats to avoid mixing and matching with other clothing.

Materials and fabrics of tuning sexy underwear?

The material of the tuning lingerie is generally used for soft, comfortable, and breathable fabrics to satisfy the comfort when wearing.Such as lace and cotton fabrics.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the material, try to choose the underwear produced by a reputable brand and manufacturer.If there is a personal condition for material allergies, it is necessary to avoid choosing fabrics that may cause allergies.

Color selection of sexy underwear?

The color of the tuning department’s sexy underwear is mainly black, red, and white.Among them, black is more sexy, reflecting a mature temperament with hints and mystery; red is more sweet and passionate; white is more cold and pure.In general, color selection should be selected according to personal skin color and temperament.

Maintenance of sexy underwear?

When maintaining the fun underwear, pay attention to the difference between hand washing and machine washing.Recommend hand washing to prevent deformation and wear of fabric caused by machine washing.In addition, in the washing, it is necessary to isolate from other clothing to prevent cross -dyeing.In terms of drying, it is best to use the way to dry naturally in the shade.

Applicable occasions and crowds of training underwear?

The applicable occasions and crowds of training underwear are more widely used.For example, in couple Play, party, cosplay or birthday congratulations are applicable.Suitable for people of different types, such as young students, newcomers in the workplace, newlyweds, middle -aged couples and elderly couples.

How is the matching of sexy underwear more suitable?

Although the fun underwear is good, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching and coordination of the inside and outside in terms of matching.For example, short -style sexy underwear is best paired with high -waisted skirts and belts, so that clothes and skirts and underwear skirts will not cause contradictions due to offset.In terms of color, you need to pay attention to the matching and conversion between the inside and outside.


The tuning department’s sexy underwear is not a new thing, but there is still a certain particular attention in detail processing and matching.By analyzing and discussing and discussing the selection of sexy underwear, wearing, material, color, maintenance, applicable occasions and crowds, and matching, it is believed that readers will be able to better use and choose the tuning department sexy underwear, which fully reflects personalization and personality and fully reflects personalization and integrity.The sense of fashion can achieve sexy and interesting effects.

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