Transsexual erotic underwear exhibition

1 Introduction

In recent years, the existence of transsexual people has become more and more concerned. The concept of traditional men’s and women’s unique binary theory has gradually been broken, and the variants have also generated the demand for sexy underwear in the differences between gender identity and physical performance.Therefore, the transgender sex underwear exhibition came into being and is gradually becoming a popular exhibition in the sex underwear industry.

2. Transsexual erotic jelly

The design of transsexual erotic underwear needs to understand the physical characteristics of the transsexual people in depth, including the diversity of transsexual people, onset time and symptoms, and so on.Compared with traditional sexy underwear, transsexual sexy underwear needs to be more detailed and rigorous in design to meet more complex and diverse needs of transsexual people.

3. bra style

In response to the needs of transsexual women, the bras of the bray lingerie are more prominent.According to the individual differences of transsexual women, designers need to design different bras according to the actual situation of customers, such as filling bras, partially filled bras, and brans that are not filled to ensure the most suitable needs of customers.

4. Cushion material

When designing a bra, the pad material is also a very important factor.The pads must be light, soft and comfortable, and durable.Common pad materials include silicone, sponge, polyurethane, etc.

5. Keep comfortable

Not only should we consider styles and materials, the designers also need to start from the perspective of wearing to ensure that they are comfortable and do not feel tingling or scratches.When designing underwear such as bra, it is necessary to add soft materials to weaken the degree of friction between the internal pad and the skin.

6. Reminder

When designing degenerative erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to some details.For example, the shoulder strap is designed wider to disperse the pressure of the shoulder; the design back zone, the "X" back design can make the bra more fit the back.In addition, some comfort can be implemented from the details, such as fiber texture, suture and skeleton.

7. Small accessories and details

In the design of transsexual sexy underwear, small accessories also possess a pivotal position.For example, add some small and unique accessories to the bra, such as lace, rhinestones, beads, etc., which can make the overall design more unique and personalized.At the same time, some details, such as adding a small bow in front of the bra, can also visually attract more visually.

8. Summary

The design of variability sex lingerie requires more details, design and attention, and accurately understand the needs of the transsexual people.This requires designers to pay more attention to details and start with every detail to achieve the most satisfactory effect to make the transgender people the most satisfactory when wearing.

More importantly, we should express respect and attention when designing transsexual sexy underwear, and listen to the feedback and opinions of the transsexual crowd carefully to better meet their needs and promote the diverse development of sexy lingerie shows.

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