Type 69 Types

What is Type 69 sexy underwear?

The 69 -style sexy underwear refers to a special style of sexy underwear, similar to the 69 position in human sex. This kind of sexy underwear can be worn on two sexual partners to form a special contact information.

69 -style sexy lingerie style

There are many styles of the 69 -type sexy underwear, which can be vest, conjoined, up and down, and so on.These styles have one thing in common, that is, they can make two people wear at the same time to form a connection.

69 -style sexy underwear material

The material of the 69 -type sexy underwear is generally selected for soft and comfortable cotton or silk fabrics, and some will also add lace or leather materials to increase interest and sexy.

How to choose the right 69 -style sexy underwear?

First of all, we must consider comfort and fit. Too tight or too loose will affect the sex experience.Secondly, choose the styles and colors that both sides are more satisfactory. You can consider choosing or surprise each other.

How to use Type Type of Types

When using the 69 -style sexy underwear, you need to work in both parties, wear it according to the style of the style, and then start to enjoy the sex experience.Pay attention to comfort and safety when using, and avoid injuries.

Type 69 Type of Instead of Instead

Type 69 sexy underwear can increase the novelty and excitement of the sexual experience of both parties, which is a special way of sex.The sexy underwear wearing on the body can increase the confidence and interest of both parties.

Applicable crowd of Type Valentine Underwear

Sexual partners of any age can choose to use the 69 -type sexy underwear. Whether it is a married couple or a couple in love, you can experience this special sexual way.


When using the 69 -type sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to hygiene and disinfection to avoid infectious diseases.In addition, wear it correctly according to the method of wearable to avoid discomfort or injury.

69 -style sexy underwear cleaning method

Under normal circumstances, the 69 -type sexy underwear uses conventional cotton fabrics and silk fabrics, which can be used in conventional cleaning methods, such as soaking, drying or hand washing with water.However, there are also some special materials for sexy underwear that need to be processed separately. You can check the cleaning instructions or consult the manufacturer.

Point of view

In summary, the 69 -style sexy underwear is a special way of sex, which can increase the fun and excitement of sex experience.But pay attention to comfort, safety and hygiene issues, and choose the right style and cleaning method.It is hoped that readers can try and enjoy this special interest experience.

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