Video behind the sexy underwear trial


In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more sought after by women.When buying sexy underwear, many women will encounter a problem: I don’t know how the effect after wearing it.Now, the emergence of the video trial technology behind the video solves this problem.This article will introduce the video trial technology behind fun underwear, and share related precautions and purchase suggestions.

What is the video trial technology behind

The video trial technology behind it is an emerging way of shopping.Under the video trial technology behind the back, female customers can see the effect of wearing the erotic underwear without actual wearing sexy underwear through the video screen.This allows women to know the effect of being put forward in advance, and do not have to worry about the problem of incompatibility after the actual purchase.

How to use the video on the back to try on the technology

The steps to try on the video on the back are very simple: first choose the sexy lingerie style you like, then put on the clothes in front of the underwear, and enter the video to try on the area. Women can choose what they want to view in front of the video screen.Angles, after trying on, you can confirm whether the underwear is fitted.This trial technology not only provides customers with a new way of shopping, but also in line with today’s consumers’ time to save time and effort.


When using the video on the back of the video, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose the right underwear style for trial penetration.

2. Check the video information carefully, including the fabric, size, price and other information of the underwear.

3. Before trying to penetrate, it is best to perform personal hygiene cleaning.

4. When confirming that when trying penetration, it is best to increase the brightness of the screen so that the effect of the underwear is better seen.

The advantage of the video trial behind the video

Using the video trial technology behind the back, customers can enjoy the following advantages:

1. Save time: No need to try on one by one, which greatly saves the time of queuing in the fitting room.

2. Save effort: comfortable trial process, no need to find underwear styles and sizes everywhere, and do not need to shuttle between different shops.

3. Freedom control angle: You can choose the most suitable underwear style according to your personal figure, needs and other free control angles.

4. Avoid misunderstanding: Through the back video on the back, you can solve the effect of the affection underwear before buying, and avoid problems such as unfinrsement.

How to buy

After determining the satisfactory underwear style and size, you can directly click on the purchase button on the screen, and then you can buy more troubles and convenience at online stores.In addition to the video trial technology behind it, you can also find the underwear that suits you through the real evaluation of other customers, and find more preferential products and promotional information.

Basic conditions that meet the sales channels

Adopting the sales channel of the video trial technology behind the video, the following conditions should be available:

1. Appropriate electronic equipment: requires larger electronic screen support, so that customers can clearly observe the effect of sexy underwear on themselves.

2. Suitable venue: The venue in the trial area should have sufficient air flow, and the setting position should be appropriate, so that customers can use the trial penetration equipment comfortably.

3. Security confidentiality: It is necessary to ensure the privacy of customers and the confidentiality of personal information.


There are also some aspects of the technical defects of the video trials behind the video, including the test of the trial and incompleteness, the interaction is not strong, and so on.Therefore, before adopting the video trial method behind, it is also necessary to fully understand its defects.


The video trial technology behind it is an emerging way of shopping, which has become more and more sought after by women.By watching the video before trying it on, customers can better understand the degree and effect of underwear, so as to avoid choosing the wrong size and destroying the pleasant shopping experience.At the same time, this trying method is more in line with consumers who like time, effort, convenience, and better meet people’s shopping needs.

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