Video of sexy underwear display methods


Sex underwear display is a crucial step in the sales process.A good display method can greatly increase product sales.This article will introduce you to several techniques and methods of sexy underwear display.

Display directly

In a direct way, sexy underwear can be placed on the table or hanging on the hanger to display it.This method is suitable for sales staff with certain experience.Note that underwear should be displayed in a private area.

With Display

This display method is to show underwear with related accessories, such as socks, high heels, accessories, and so on.This can not only attract customers, but also provide customers with more inspiration.

Model display

It is a very effective way to hire a model show to show sex underwear.This method allows customers to better understand the effects and details of underwear.When choosing a model, you should consider whether their appearance and style can represent your product.

Virtual display

Virtual display is an emerging way.It usually uses virtual reality technology to display the wearing effect of underwear, which can provide an immersive shopping experience.Although virtual reality technology is relatively new, it has been used in many sexy underwear shops.

Light effect

The use of lighting effects to enhance the display effect of sexy underwear is also an effective way.For example, using wide -angle lights can create a soft atmosphere. Using strong light can highlight the details of the underwear, and adjusting the light color can enhance the emotional resonance of customers.

Multi-angle display

Each angle of the underwear can show its different characteristics.The back of the underwear can highlight its uniqueness, and shows that the front can highlight the sexy of the underwear.Multi -angle display can also help customers better understand the right degree of underwear and avoid any embarrassment.

Display area layout

A warm and comfortable feeling can be arranged in the display area, which helps customers to enjoy the shopping experience better.You can use soft lights, plants and decorations to help create this feeling.

Music cooperation

Appropriate music can enhance the shopping experience.For example, when showing the erotic underwear of the body art, you can play relaxed weekend music to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere.When showing a more challenging sexy underwear, you can play more powerful music to enhance the sensory stimulus of customers.

Interactive Experience

Interactive experience is a new way.By allowing customers to experience underwear in the display area, not only can customers better understand the wearing effect, but also improve the fun of shopping experience.


In most cases, the selling of underwear depends on the effect of its display, not quality.Therefore, it is important to adopt the correct display method and method.Using the above techniques can help you add more possibilities to the sales of sexy underwear, and it does not require much capital investment or technical support.

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