Wait for me to wear sexy underwear

Understand the affair

Love underwear (Category: 21) is a kind of underwear designed to meet people’s more needs in sex.Generally, the materials of sexy underwear are relatively soft, and the fabrics are mostly lace, gauze and satin, and they are more rich in color choices.Various styles, sizes, and colors of sexy underwear are very complete, and you can choose according to your personal figure and preferences.

Sexy lingerie

Sex feelings (Category: 22) are one of the sexy lingerie types. This type of underwear usually uses very special designs, which contains both sexy and art, but also a mysterious and noble feeling.Sexual feelings of sexy underwear usually make more breakthroughs in fabrics and design. Try more shiny elements and rich patterns, making women more seductive and charming.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult sexy underwear (Category: 23) is a more special way of sexy underwear.This type of sexy underwear is more to serve sex toys, such as using heavy -flavored SM supplies.Different from other types of sexy underwear, adult erotic underwear is more about pursuing elements such as violence, hunting, and joy, making your sex more irritating and challenging.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie (Category: 24) refers to sexy underwear adopted in European and American design styles. This type of sexy underwear pursues noble and elegant style. Both color combinations and fabric selection are very particular.Fashionable.European and American sexy underwear is bolder in design, and it is more reflecting the sexy charm, independence and confidence of women.

Beauty sexy sheet

Category (Category: 25) refers to a sexy underwear series endorsed or creative. This type of sexy underwear reflects a clever creativity and aesthetics. It usually integrates the popular elements and high -end aesthetics in the worldEssenceThe characteristic of beauty lingerie is to focus on the charm and personality of women, and pay attention to matching and reconciliation in color, making them stylish and confident.

Sex of sex underwear size selection

Pay attention to the size problem when choosing a sexy underwear. Choose the right size to ensure comfort and aesthetics.The fun underwear of different brands may be different, so you can ask the seller or check the size information in the product details before buying.Some websites also provide methods to measure body size, which can help you choose a size that suits you.

Sexy underwear matching skills

The matching of sexy underwear and other clothing is also very important. The reasonable match of dressing not only makes people look more refined and more fashionable, but also shows their own unique charm.Some classic sexy lingerie wearing skills include choosing suitable color matching, choosing the right outside, wearing appropriate shoes, and using accessories to increase temperament.

Dressing and maintenance of sexy underwear

Pay attention to the wear and maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Some of the fragile fabrics including lace and gauze need to be washed and dried by hand, and they cannot be flipped with washing machines.For some color fabrics, you also need to pay attention to preventing fading or dyeing in use, so it is best to choose a special detergent or cold water hand washing.

Put on sexy underwear

After wearing sexy underwear, try to avoid too much active or strenuous exercise to avoid damaging underwear or accidents.At the same time, in sexual life, you should also feel the sexy and charm of sexy underwear. Do not rely too much on sexy underwear, so that you will lose some original charm because you rely on psychology.

Sex underwear brand recommendation

There are many different quality and styles of sexy underwear on the market. Some brands with good reputation can be referred to, such as red series, agate tree, Yu Guanyin, Playboy, Emma, Destinylady, and so on.When selecting a brand, appropriate screening can be performed according to your needs and budget.


The design and styles of sexy underwear are diverse, with different types and characteristics. When choosing underwear, you should make choices based on your body shape, taste, personality, and occasion.The matching and maintenance of sexy underwear are also very important. The correct use of sexy underwear methods and skills can make you show the most perfect side in sex.

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