Want to buy sex underwear for girlfriend

Want to buy sex lingerie for girlfriend?You need to understand these knowledge!

Want to make your girlfriend more sexy and charming, and sexy underwear is a good choice.However, you need to understand the following knowledge before buying sexy underwear.

1. Understand your girlfriend’s size

First of all, the most important thing when buying sexy underwear is to understand the size of your girlfriend.No matter how good the underwear is right and how beautiful the underwear is right, it will be ugly to wear on the body.Therefore, before buying, it is best to understand the girlfriend’s bust, hip web and other dimensions, so that the sexy underwear can fit the figure perfectly.

2. Sexy is not equal to difficult to wear

Some people think that erotic underwear, especially in the style of adult products, may be difficult to wear.In fact, most of the sexy underwear pays great attention to comfort and fit, and it will not feel uncomfortable when wearing.If your girlfriend is a little worried about wearing, you can start with a more conservative and simple style.

3. Material and hygiene

Interest underwear usually uses some sexy, eye -catching materials, such as lace and net eye.However, when choosing, you must first understand the breathability and comfort of the selected materials to avoid problems such as allergies.In addition, in order to ensure sanitation, it is best to choose some materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

4. Skin color and underwear color

When choosing a sexy underwear, skin tone and color matching is a very noteworthy issue.If the skin itself is dark, you can choose bright colors such as red and white; if the skin is fair, you can choose dark tones such as dark and brown.In short, to avoid blind matching, make your girlfriend more sexy and natural.

5. style choice

The style of sexy underwear is also very diverse. You can choose different types such as corset, strap, and jumpsuit.You can choose the appropriate style according to your aesthetic preference and the characteristics of his girlfriend.

6. Get rid of the embarrassment of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is sometimes classified as "sex toys", it actually exists to increase sexual interest.Therefore, before giving her girlfriend, she can express her love to her and explain that your purpose is to make her more sexy and confident, rather than make her feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

7. Price and quality

The quality of erotic underwear needs to be considered.Different brands, different materials, and different production processes will affect the price, but the price is not the only standard for determining good.When choosing, it is also necessary to analyze rationally.After all, everyone’s economic situation is different.

8. With clothing

Finally, after selecting sexy underwear, you can also consider matching some costumes and shoes to make the whole look more perfect.You can choose clothes that are similar to or in contrast to underwear.

Here, we remind you to buy sexy underwear to exist to pursue "playing with sexy" but to improve each other’s interests and experiences.Therefore, when buying and giving away sex underwear, we should maintain rationality, take into account personal preferences and girlfriends, and improve the quality of life.

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