Wear a love lingerie love novel with lovers

The night when wearing sex lingerie

She has always been my dream lover, and we finally were together that night.After some passion, she suddenly took out a sexy underwear from the bedside table, saying that she would surprise me.I feel a little shy, but I am also very excited.

Learn about different types of sexy underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear. You can choose to open crotch panties, transparent lace panties, hourglass three -point type and so on.For a novice who wants to join the sexy lingerie game, I suggest starting from the classic lace panties. If you want to challenge the limit, you can try the style of exposing your chest.

Matching is more important

Although sexy underwear is conspicuous, the matching accessories are equally important.For example, a pair of high -heeled shoes, lace gloves, leather handcuffs, etc. make the entire shape more flavorful.However, don’t blindly pursue cool effects, but also consider comfort.

Interesting underwear is to enhance mystery

The ultimate purpose of sexy underwear is to enhance mystery and improve sexual interest.Although it looks more attractive, sometimes it is more exciting to leave TA more imagination.Therefore, it is best to maintain a certain sense of mystery first, and then slowly expose it, which will make TA look forward to it.

Discuss with TA to choose a style

For those who have just started trying sexy lingerie games, it is best to discuss the style with TA first.If TA has any special preferences, you can also fully consider it when choosing.After all, sexy underwear is to make each other more pleasant, not to make the other party feel uncomfortable.

Direct or slowly wear it?

When you are ready to wear a sexy underwear, you can choose to wear it directly in front of TA, or you can wrap it first, and take it off slowly.The former will make TA surprise, confuse, and excitement at once, and the latter will make TA’s imagination more abundant.How to choose depends on the personality and mood of both of you.

Emotion must be matched with the appearance

When you put on a sexy underwear, you are not only put on an external shape, but also emotionally cooperation.When you strongly show your passion, desire, and love, TA’s obsession with you will deepen.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must first ensure that this shape is in line with your emotional expression.

Interest underwear does not have fixed rules

In the end, it is important to remember that there is no fixed rule for sex underwear games. The key is that you two feel.Sometimes you can wear the simplest transparent lace panties, and sometimes you can also choose to wear a heavy shell three -point type.Therefore, try, create and enjoy the whole process at will.

Point of view

Sexy underwear games can make you more pleasant and intimate, but you must remember to stop.Do not pursue excessive virtual flowers and performances, the key is to enhance feelings and meet each other’s needs.The most important thing is to maintain mutual respect and love in order to keep it.

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