Wear sex underwear and open the door for express delivery

Wear sex underwear and open the door for express delivery

In life, sometimes we can’t help but require our underwear not only to be practical, but also to be sexy and beautiful.Therefore, choosing sexy underwear has become a part of the choice of women.But when wearing erotic underwear, we sometimes encounter some difficult problems, such as picking up express.Today, let’s talk about wearing a sexy underwear to open the door for express delivery.

Choose suitable underwear

To wear fun underwear to open the door to get courier, first of all, choose the right underwear.We can choose different styles of sexy underwear based on our height and body shape.For example, if you are a slim girl, you can choose a deep V Liu Su model to make yourself taller.

Passage method must be correct

The correct way to wear is also very critical.Put the underwear from the back of the pants into the arm, and then reach the back to buckle the underwear, so that you can ensure that you do n’t have tangles and discomfort.

Choose the right package material

When you want to open the door to get the courier, we can use materials such as coats, bathrobes to cover the sexy underwear on our body, thereby avoiding embarrassment and discomfort.

Avoid excessive gravity

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must avoid using excessive gravity style, such as oversized cup models, avoiding discomfort to yourself, but also reducing the possibility of being seen by the courier.

Details don’t ignore

When we wear sexy underwear, it is easy to ignore some details.For example, whether the details on the underwear are too obvious, will it affect our own shape? These require us to pay attention.

Consider the environment and occasions

In addition to our own underwear and jackets, we also need to consider the environment and occasions.If you receive the courier at around 10 pm, it is recommended that you can open the door to get the courier directly, and no many people are watching you.

Get along with neighbors

Another thing to pay attention to is to get along with the neighbors.Sometimes we meet neighbors in our corridor. At this time, we must try to keep our calmness and calmness, and do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because we wear sexy underwear.

Don’t feel ashamed

Finally, we want to remind ourselves not to be ashamed because of wearing fun underwear.Everyone has their own hobbies and choices. As long as we do not violate social moral rules, we should bravely pursue our own feelings and ideas.

In general, things like wearing a sexy underwear do not need to be too nervous and anxious.As long as we choose the right underwear, make appropriate choices based on the occasion and environment, we can handle this situation, and at the same time maintain our confidence and calmness.

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