Wear sex underwear in the air -conditioned room in winter

Wear sex underwear in the air -conditioned room in winter

In winter, the temperature in the air -conditioned room is often relatively low. In order to keep warm, all kinds of heavy clothing are indispensable.However, for women who love beauty, what underwear can be warm and sexy can be considered, which is worth considering.Today, let’s talk about some precautions and skills of wearing sexy underwear in the air -conditioned room in winter.

Choose the right material

The first is to choose the right material.Of course, the best material for warmth in winter is cotton, but for sexy underwear, ordinary materials such as cotton are obviously not the best choice.So we need to find some materials that have both warm and sexy.For example, elastic nylon and lace, these materials can not only create sexy visual effects, but also keep the body warm.

Appropriate underwear style

The second is to choose the right underwear style.When wearing sex lingerie, the most important thing is to consider comfort.In winter, we can choose some loose underwear, which can not only make the body comfortable and comfortable, but also avoid the impact of underwear on the body’s blood circulation.

Pay attention to pajamas

Article 3: Pay attention to the matching of pajamas.In the cold winter, we’d better choose pajamas with long -sleeved trousers to match sexy underwear.This can not only keep warm, but also avoid colds.At the same time, we can choose colorful pajamas to match, which can not only increase the fashion sense of the entire pajamas, but also make the sexy underwear better.

Pay attention to the coordination of underwear and jacket

Article 4: Pay attention to the coordination of underwear and jackets.In winter, we usually choose a thick jacket. In order not to look too bloated, we must choose the right underwear.If you choose a thick jacket, the color and style of the underwear should be faded as much as possible to avoid being too eye -catching.

Pay attention to the choice of underwear style

Article 5: Pay attention to the choice of underwear style.In winter, we choose some long underwear styles as much as possible, such as the sexy underwear or sexy sleeping skirt of a conjoined body. This style can not only play a warmth, but also allow women to have a good sexy charm of women.Show.

Understand your body type

Article 6, understand your body shape.When choosing underwear, we must choose our body and the overall style of clothes to achieve the best results.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, female friends must pay attention to their own shape and choose the right style and size.

Priority consider warmth

Article 7, preferential consideration is preferred.In winter, warmth is the most important, especially for women.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we must give priority to warmth, so as to play the best protection.

Select according to the occasion

Article 8, choose according to the occasion.Different occasions require different underwear matching. For example, wearing erotic underwear at home can not be too particular about color and style, but in formal occasions such as companies or banquets, you must choose some formal underwear styles.

my point of view

In short, in the process of wearing sexy underwear in winter, female friends should pay attention to the sexy and beautiful feeling, but also pay attention to keep warm, so as to help you spend better winter.

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