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What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing specially designed for couples. It is mainly used to enhance interest, stimulate sensory, and add emotions.Interest underwear is used for special occasions such as dating, parties or Valentine’s Day, and it allows people to get more stimuli and enjoyment.This underwear is usually more sexy and exposed than ordinary underwear.

Tips for choosing sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can increase eroticism and the intimacy between the two parties.The following factor should be considered when choosing a sexy underwear:

Body model: Choose sexy underwear that is consistent with the proportion of your body.

Style color: Different colors and styles will generate different emotions and atmospheres, and choose the color that suits you and partners.

Material quality: find comfortable and high -quality materials.

Personality temperament: conform to your own personality and temperament style.Such as sweet style, sexy and sexy style, temptation style, and unique style of sexy underwear.

Common sexy underwear types

Interest underwear is very creative and diverse.The following is a common type of sexy underwear:

Pajamas set: set consisting of bra, thong or briefs and pajamas.

Sexy underwear: Generally consisting of bra, thong or briefs, the style is bright.

Clothing: You can add interest and excitement of role -playing.

Belids: A kind of breast protection underwear is mainly used for revealing and unrestrained.

Exposure of underwear: The bold design shows a sexy part with a high spicy body effect.

Common fabrics and design styles

The fabric and design style of sexy underwear will directly affect its use effect and quality. The following are common fabrics and design styles:

Fabric: silk, lace, linen, cotton, nylon, etc.

Style: hollow, lace, tie rope, net eye, beach

Ethical Style Design

Star Same Design

Accessory and matching

The accessories and matching methods of sexy underwear are very important. They can make the overall effect more perfect. The following are common accessories and matching methods:

High -heeled shoes: You can add points to your body, so that people can get more delicate temperament.

Necklace and bracelets: can add highlights to women’s skin.

Brooch, gauze belt, flower ring: can emphasize the details and special features of sexy underwear.

Tattoos, hair color, makeup style: Use these elements to add individual charm.

pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear need to be considered during the purchase period. The following are common advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: Improve sexual enjoyment, add sentiment, enhance feelings, and increase the intimacy between husband and wife.

Disadvantages: Long -term wearing may be discomfort, it can even cause itching and other discomfort, and cannot be used for a long time.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a special clothing that requires special maintenance. The following is how to maintain sexy underwear:

Wash according to the label requirements

Try to avoid high temperature drying

Store in plastic bags

Avoid contact with other adhesives and patch or clothing buttons.

in conclusion

Choosing the right sexy underwear and the right elements can make your emotional life richer and stimulating.Please choose the right sexy underwear according to your body and temperament, and enjoy the sexual life between husband and wife.

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