Wearing fishing net stockings and sexy underwear

Wearing fishing net stockings and sexy underwear

From smart girls to sexy mature women, wearing sexy underwear and fishing net stockings is a common and exciting experience.The combination of the two can add female sexy charm. This article will explore some skills and precautions wearing fishing net stockings and sexy underwear.

1. Types of fishing net stockings

Fishing net stockings are a very popular female underwear accessories.There are many types of fishing net stockings. Common ones are rough nets, small nets, large nets, etc., and the irregular versatile models of the net eye are called "lace nets".When buying fishing net stockings, you should choose according to your body characteristics and costume occasions.

2. How to match the fishing net stockings

Fishing net stockings can be matched with many types of underwear, such as lace lace underwear, hollow underwear, open -back underwear.It is the most matching black fishing net stockings with sexy underwear, which adds sexy and mysterious sense.If you want to try a bolder style, you can choose colorful fishing net stockings, such as red, purple, golden or bright colors.

Third, female body characteristics

Women’s body characteristics are ever -changing, and the choice of fishing net socks varies from body.If you are thinner and slender, you can choose thick nets and large net fishing net socks to make your legs more plump.If your leg belongs to the thick legs, you can choose a fine net fishing net socks, casual comfort and sexy charm.In short, choose fishing net socks that are suitable for your body characteristics.

4. Choose the right size

Regardless of which type of fishing net socks, the choice of size is crucial.Lost the aesthetics of the fishing net socks when the size is too small. Too small sizes can cause tightness under the collarbone to cause discomfort.Therefore, it is recommended to understand your size when buying, and choose the right fishing net socks.

5. Avoid popular trends

Do not follow the trend when choosing fishing net socks, choose a matching style that suits you.For example, when wearing a plaid skirt, you can choose fine network fishing net socks to show your fashion atmosphere; while wearing trousers, you can choose large net fishing net socks to make your legs more slender and stylish.

Six, long legs

If you want to show long legs, you must choose fishing net socks with suitable size, appropriate cutting, and moderate material transparency, and match with high heels or high boots.Remember, you must choose to tailor the appropriate fishing net socks.

Seven, pay attention to proportion

The proportion of wearing fishing net socks is directly related to wearing underwear and underwear.Therefore, when selecting, pay attention to the proportion and matching of the three.It is recommended to choose the navel installation and high waist pants to make the waist lines look more beautiful.

8. The timing of wearing sex underwear and fishing net socks

Wearing fishing net socks and sexy underwear are a more passionate experience, so wearing them are best to be in private occasions or special celebrations.For example, dating, wedding celebrations, or wearing at some late -night gatherings can increase mystery and interest, and make their charm more reveal.

Nine, the details of wearing

When wearing fishing net socks and sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to some small details.For example, to ensure that the lights in the room will not be too dark or too bright, keep the manner dignified and clean, and the perfect details can evoke the opponent’s stronger desire.

10. Viewpoint

In general, the combination of fishing net socks and sexy underwear can add women’s personality and charm, so you can try it vigorously in private occasions.However, you must also pay attention to different styles, context and time and choose different models to keep your own sexy beauty so that you will be more attractive.

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