Wearing sex underwear in the boss

Wearing sex underwear in the boss

Every woman has the deep side of her heart, and they want fashion, confidence, sexy, and sexy sexy underwear.Interest underwear is a very private clothes, and only you and your partner will see it.Therefore, it is essential for personal image and maintenance.However, in some occasions, wearing sexy underwear may be a gray area, such as wearing in front of the boss.

Below, let’s talk about the related problems and solutions of wearing sexy underwear in front of the boss, as well as a way to support you while being free and comfortable.

1. Understand the company’s culture and neutrality

First of all, understanding the company’s culture and occupational requirements is very important.Wearing erotic underwear has different reactions in different companies and occupations.In some companies and positions, sexy underwear may be banned because they want to maintain a serious image.Therefore, it is important to understand the company’s culture and occupational requirements in order to make the right decision.In particular, if you need to associate with your boss and colleagues, the neutral image is particularly important.

2. Select the right color and style

If you decide to wear fun underwear in front of the boss, then you need to choose a suitable color and style.Choose which color and style that suits depends on the image you want to convey.If you want to maintain a neutral image, then you should choose some basic color erotic underwear, such as black, white, gray or beige.In addition, it is also important to choose high -quality, healthy and comfortable materials.

3. Avoid too exposed sexy underwear

Whether you wear it in front of the boss or in a private place, the over -exposed sexy underwear is inappropriate.Underwear cannot leak too much information because it will endanger personal and professional image.Therefore, choose a moderate style and color to avoid inappropriate situations.

4. Wear underwear full of design and cultural sense

It is important to wear sexy underwear flexibly, because you need to pass different images in different circumstances.Of course, in some occasions, you can wear some design and cultural sexy underwear.This not only shows your fashion taste, but also has a positive impact on your professional image.

5. Pay attention to the quality and health of the underwear

Wearing erotic underwear not only needs to pay attention to appearance and style, but also pay attention to quality and health.Be sure to choose comfortable, healthy and protective materials.Do not buy cheap, inferior materials for inferior materials, otherwise you may have some health problems.

6. Understand the proportion and size of the figure

When wearing sex underwear, you need to pay attention to your body proportion and show.This will affect the comfort and appearance of underwear.Therefore, choosing the right size must not only pay attention to shape and materials, but also need to consider comfort and adaptability.

7. Avoid too thick makeup and exaggerated hairstyles

Wearing a sexy underwear not only needs to pay attention to the appearance and style of the underwear, but also pay attention to clothing, makeup and hairstyle.Don’t be too exaggerated when preparing.Avoid heavy makeup, do not be too aggressive and exaggerated.A simple, natural makeup and shape are more suitable for online and offline occasions wearing sexy underwear.

8. Choose a suitable external outside

Wearing erotic underwear does not mean that you need to be exposed, you need to choose the right external match to maintain the overall professional image.There are some suitable external skirts including tights, low -neck sweaters, backpacks and long skirts covering knees.It is important to choose a suitable style for your body.


There are many restrictions in the boss wearing sexy underwear.Wearing a sexy underwear may affect your professional image, especially when you need to work in front of your boss and colleagues.Therefore, reasonable and moderate underwear selection and matching are very important.The most important thing is that wearing underwear on any occasion must be elegant, confident and cautious.

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