Wedding Men buying sex underwear

Why do men buy sexy underwear?

Extramarital affairs are an immoral behavior, but in the minds of some men, it seems to enhance their sense of satisfaction and satisfaction in terms of sexual sex, so you will choose to buy sexy underwear to enhance the emotional experience of extramarital affairs.

Falling underwear’s attractiveness to men

Interest underwear has a variety of styles and styles, and any of them can stimulate men’s imagination and satisfy men’s sexual fantasies.Especially those sexy styles will stimulate men’s desires and lust, so that they can get more satisfaction and stimulus in the experience process.

Buying sexy underwear is a secret behavior

Buying sexy underwear is a secret behavior for men, because they are unwilling to let others know that they are looking for sexual stimuli.This is why men choose to buy sexy underwear on the Internet, because this can be more convenient and secret.

Interest underwear satisfies men’s excitement in extramarital affairs

Once a man starts to have extramarital affairs, he needs more stimuli to maintain sexual fantasy and satisfaction.And sex underwear can provide such a stimulus, so that men can get more pleasure in extramarital affairs.

Men’s ability to buy

Compared to women’s sexy underwear, men’s sexy underwear is relatively high, because men pay more attention to quality and feelings.They will choose some high -end brand’s sexy underwear, which can improve the cost -effectiveness of the product, and also enhance the experience of men to buy sexy underwear.

The effect of sexy underwear on extramarital affairs

For extramarital affairs, the existence of sexy underwear can indeed improve the sense of experience and satisfaction of men, but it also needs to be alert to the adverse effects of sexy underwear on extramarital affairs.After using too much erotic underwear, men are likely to become addicted to it, which will lead to more extramarital affairs.

Should I buy sexy underwear for extramarital affairs?

For this question, I think the answer is personal choice.Maybe sexy underwear can bring more sexual experience to men, but this sexual experience is based on morality and conscience.We should encourage men to pay more attention to the stability and healthy life of marriage, instead of giving up morality and family stability in order to pursue more stimuli.Of course, the sexual experience is allowed without hurting marriage and social morality.


Sex underwear plays an important role in men’s sexual fantasies and satisfaction, but we should pay more attention to sexual ethics and family ethics, protect our marriage and family, and do not indulge in the satisfaction of extramarital affairs and sexy underwear.

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