Well, sex underwear test staff

The work of sex underwear test clothing staff

Interest underwear is one of the keys to play a role in sexual aspects.But how to buy the right test clothing? If you want to buy sexy underwear, you are not sure of your size or what style is suitable for you, the sex lingerie trial staff can provide you with one -stop service.The task of the tester is to help customers help customers break the obstacles of size and style, provide a buyer experience to help guests find sexy underwear that suits them.

Size measurement

Before starting shopping, the testers usually require the customer’s body size. This step is to ensure that the key part of the sexy underwear that is most suitable for personal body shape is found.This may include: chest, waist, hip, thighs, or any meaningful measurement value.

Style classification

Many people can’t solve the differences between the styles and functions of the affectionate underwear.Considering different budgets and personal styles, sexy underwear trials should be familiar with various styles, and introduce the suitable sexy underwear style to the guests according to the needs of the guests.For example, black erotic underwear is the most common in terms of sexy fashion, but there are many different sexy lingerie styles, such as lace lace decoration, diamond inlaid, transparent lace lace, sexy corset, bikini, hanging neck, restraint, restraintClothing, tights, mesh decoration, nude color sexy underwear, etc.

Fabric texture

There are many options for the fabrics of sexy underwear, from soft cotton to gorgeous lace.Tests should explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fabrics to customers. Basically there are two types of fabrics: natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics.

Color effect

Many people underestimate the influence of color in sexy underwear.Colors can not only emphasize the beauty of the body, but also affect the emotional and sexual atmosphere.Tests should consider the customer’s preferences and needs to ensure that color choices are satisfied with guests.


Matching is one of the key to sexy underwear.Different erotic underwear and accessories can be used to strengthen personal fashion and sexy style.For example, accessories suits, embroidered stockings, embroidery mouthball, whipper, and so on.When the customer tries to try under underwear, the test staff should recommend the matching products of the customer to match, so that the customer can get a more complete sexy effect.

About the maintenance of underwear

Interesting underwear needs to be maintained with careful maintenance. Testing clothes should give customers some suggestions to clean, store and wear sexy underwear to ensure that the life of sexy underwear has long life.

Respect for customers

Tests must respect the privacy and personal space of customers throughout the fitting process, avoid improper words and deeds and action to violate customers, and ensure that the store is a comfortable and safe dressing environment.


In the end, it is not unimportant. The sexy underwear trials carefully checked the body size and style, and together with the customer to evaluate the purpose of the sexy underwear and help customers choose the most suitable one.Under the influence of the environment and atmosphere in the store, the fittener will help the customer’s shopping pleasure experience.

in conclusion

A good shopping experience brings happiness and satisfaction.When providing shopping services for customers in sex underwear, not only special skills and knowledge, but also some interpersonal ability and careful attention to the need for interpersonal communication.If you need sexy underwear or have any questions about how to buy the right sexy underwear, then I must suggest that you consider seeking the help of a sexy underwear trial person to ensure that you get the best service and get the best shopping experience.

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