What are the fun underwear for the fat man

What are the fun underwear for the fat man

People with fat figures are undoubtedly more difficult than thin.When it comes to sexy underwear, this problem will be more obvious, because to avoid the exposure of fat while exposing the skin, it is more conducive to showing personal charm.However, fat people are also qualified to wear sexy underwear, as long as they can choose the right underwear style.Here are some tricks that make fat people choose the right sex underwear.

1. Choose a sexy underwear with a body -shaping function

People with fat figures must choose sexy underwear with a body -shaping function.They can help cover up body defects, tighten the relaxed muscles, and create a perfect body line.These functional underwear is also called "fake meat clothes". It has the function of supporting and lifting the waist and hips to make the figure more coordinated and tidy.

2. Select sexy underwear that can be adjusted

In order to avoid the irregularity of the office dress, choosing a sexy underwear that can be adjusted is essential for fat people.In this way, you can avoid problems such as the stomach exhaling and chest deformation.The advantage of adjusting underwear is that there are room for adjustment after putting on, which can adapt to more occasions or situations.Some sexy underwear with adjustment function has the design characteristics of "shaping fiber" and "elasticity", which is very good to wear.

3. Choose a low -necked sexy underwear

After the fat man puts on low -ending underwear, the exposed skin will appear smoother and sexy.More importantly, the low -collar design can disperse people’s attention, so that places that are regarded as defects will not be so obvious.

4. Choose sexy underwear that does not compress

Many fat people compress the pattern on "chest", and even choose sexy underwear with a large chest to compress their bust.This is a wrong behavior, because it will show more fat on the chest, which looks very loose.

5. Avoid loose sexy underwear

People with fat figures must avoid wearing loose sexy underwear.The effect of this will make you look more obese and cannot show your curve.In order to show a more perfect and sexy figure, you can choose a personal sexy underwear so that people can see your curve instead of a fat belly.

6. Choose sexy underwear with "tightening" function

Another feature feature that must be selected is that you look more tight -fitting sexy underwear vests.This will make the stomach and waist narrower.

7. Choose a classic style

For fat people, choosing classic styles is better than choosing popular styles.The classic style is common and almost suitable for everyone.The fat man wore a classic sexy underwear, and it would not seem outdated.

8. Select a sexy underwear with black accessories

Black is the most thinner color of all colors.If you want to look more sexy and slimming, you can choose a black sexy underwear to enhance your "thin" sense.

in conclusion

The above is the technique of choosing sexy underwear.If you are a fat man, don’t worry, you just need to choose the right sexy underwear to make yourself more sexy and confident.Choosing the right sexy underwear is a combination of art and wisdom. He can make you highlight your advantages, cover your defects, and make you more beautiful and charming.

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