What are the sexy underwear brands in Europe and the United States

European and American sex underwear: pursuing representatives of personality and freedom

Europe and the United States are the hometown of sexy underwear, and the backbone of sexy underwear.There are many brands here. These brands not only have a unique personality in design and materials, but also spare no effort in innovative technology.These brands pursue the representatives of women’s personality and freedom in design, allowing people to pursue uniqueness, freedom, avant -garde and novelty while sexy.

Victoria’s Secret: The most representative sexy underwear brand in the United States

As a global giant in the field of sexy underwear, Victoria’s Secret has become one of the world’s most representative erotic underwear brands with its world’s top design, manufacturing and marketing capabilities.The profound understanding of temptation and the forward -looking judgment of fashion development allows Victoria’s Secret to have many loyal fans in each.

Agent Provocateur: luxurious and sexy, exquisite handmade

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand from Britain. It is famous for luxury and sexy. At the same time, it has the ultimate production technology and rich design concepts.Pay attention to it is a artwork.

La Perla: Symbol of Advanced Quality

La Perla from Italy is a symbol of high -quality quality and is loved by consumers around the world.The brand not only pays attention to the product materials itself, but also pays attention to the processing of details.It is also one of the most important brand research brands in all sexy underwear brands, known as the "king of underwear".

Calvin Klein: The representative of the simple and loose design

As a brother in the global fashion industry, Calvin Klein’s quality in the field of underwear is difficult to surpass.The brand’s design style is very simple, the shape is relatively simple, and the loose shape shows the sexy side and freedom. It can be described as a brand that women feel natural and unrestrained.

Wonderbra: Nature improved chest lines

Wonderbra is a underwear brand, which perfectly improves the chest, allowing women to gain confidence and motivation in the figure.The brand has both a fresh and natural series and a romantic and sexy series, which can satisfy customers with different personalities.

Savage X Fenty: Skin color, age, and body shape is always among

SAVAGE X FENTY is a sexy underwear brand launched by the famous American actress Rihanna. It is claimed to be a woman with all kinds of skin tone, age and body shape.There are many brand products, including sexy underwear, home clothing, accessories, etc.The brand positioning is young and meets the needs of young consumers to the greatest extent, and it has also become the favorite of young women.

Bluebella: Representative of Emerging Brands

Bluebella from the United Kingdom is an emerging brand. The brand style is sexy, avant -garde, fashion, diverse, creative and elegant production, and is loved by fashion trendy people and fun enthusiasts.This brand is a clothing and sexy underwear brand, so it is not only in appearance, but also focuses on its use of non -independent brand positioning.

Oh la la cheri: diverse colors, diverse shapes

OH La La Cheri is a sexy underwear brand from France. Its design concept, excellent quality, diverse color, diverse shape, and innovatively provide different options in the bland sexy underwear.There are many brand products, with various styles, rich and practical.

NATORI: The combination of fashion experience and nature

NATORI from Japan is an outstanding sexy lingerie brand. The brand insists on combining design concepts with fashion, quality, and naturalness, and is committed to bringing consumers the most comfortable and natural sense of stockings.The brand’s creative ideas, production technology, and details can all show high quality.


European and American sex lingerie brands have many brands, and each brand has its unique style and charm. The spirit of pursuing freedom and innovation is also worthy of our continuous attention, learning and reference.When choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to learn more about the characteristics and characteristics of various brands and the style that matches your own to better and more comfortable to wear European and American sexy underwear.

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