What idioms are used to describe sexy underwear

What idioms are used to describe sexy underwear

Interest underwear is no longer synonymous with traditional underwear, but a stylish and sexy underwear.So, what idioms are used to describe this special underwear?

Paragraph 1: Independence

Interest underwear gives people an independent feeling. It surpasses the restraint of traditional underwear and pays more attention to women’s freedom and personalization.Interesting underwear, with its unique charm and freedom personality, is more and more popular with women. With its high comfort and fashion sense, this idiom is the most appropriate to describe sexy underwear.

Paragraph 2: Reverse Qiankun

The sexy underwear reverses the design style of traditional underwear, and adopts a more avant -garde, bold and sexy shape, which is reminiscent of the word "reversing the Qiankun" in ancient times. It symbolizes a fundamental revolutionary change and interest.Underwear also defines the design and function of underwear with an avant -garde attitude.

Paragraph 3: dog fighting people

The design of sexy underwear is inspired by European and American countries, which integrates the characteristics of Chinese and Western cultures.As an emerging underwear, sexy underwear is full of exotic mood.Therefore, the idiom of "dog fighting" has a good description, which refers to the power pinned on others, and this is exactly the essence of erotic underwear.

Paragraph 4: Five light and ten colors

The superior characteristics of sexy underwear with their beautiful design, bright colors, and sexy materials have a deep impression in women’s hearts.It is often described as colorful underwear, which is pleasing to the eye. This is reflected in the idiom of "five lights and ten colors".

Paragraph 5: Playing fire and self -immolation

The design of sexy underwear is bold and very challenging. Women can try to wear only when their aesthetic and physical feelings reach a certain point.Because "playing fire and self -immolation" is an irresponsible behavior. It is not controlled by others. If you want to find out, you must be cautious by yourself.

Paragraph 6: The same wind and rain is the same

In some crises, people often need to support each other.Interest underwear has an emotional communication effect. It can play a more positive and favorable role at a critical moment. Therefore, you can use "wind and rain" to express your understanding and evaluation of sexy underwear.

Paragraph 7: King returns

Whether it is inspired by design inspiration or material use, sexy underwear gives it a noble and powerful expression.Of course, underwear can only show the most king -like momentum and majestic power only if they truly fit the female figure.

Paragraph 8: Youth

Many young women tend to be colorful and fashionable sexy underwear when choosing underwear.It has a close relationship with youth, youth, and growth.Interest underwear can represent a unique spirit and cultural level.Using the idiom "Youth", it just reflects the particularity of sexy underwear.

Duan Jiu: Long Fei Feng Wu

The design style of sexy underwear largely depends on the choice of material and flower type. Sometimes it can be sinking, and sometimes it is necessary to ignite a flame. The decent underwear can "drag out and phoenix dance", so that you are in trend and sexy.There are more than the middle.

Paragraph 10: Follow up

Interesting underwear is constantly innovating, and its trend design will change.As a sexy underwear expert, you need to pay attention to the trend at all times, follow up the trend, learn more new skills and knowledge, so as to focus on the needs of customers when selling and selling sexy underwear to improve the satisfaction of the product.

In short, sexy underwear can be used "independence", "reversing the world", "dog fighting", "five lights and ten colors", "playing fire and self -immolation", "the wind and rain", "the return of the king", "youthful young", "Dragon Feifeng Dance", "Following Follow" "Waiting for idioms to describe the most accurate, they properly depict the personalization, avant -garde, special and innovative of sexy underwear.

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