What is English underwear English


Interest underwear is a more sexy and seductive clothing, which is welcomed because of its unique design.However, many people do not know what the English underwear is in English.In this article, we will introduce the names of sexy underwear in English and its different types of styles.

Lingerie vs. intmate apparel

In English, there are two common sayings of sexy underwear: Lingerie and Intimate Apparel.Lingerie focuses more on sexy, and the Intimate Apparel emphasizes more private sexy underwear.Both can be used to refer to sexy underwear.

Bra and panty sets

Bra and Panty Sets is a classic style of sexy underwear.This underwear has a variety of fabrics and designs, including lace, perspective, lace, metal decoration, lace wearing, and so on.This erotic underwear is very suitable for women who want to maintain simple and sexy.

Bodysuits and testdies

Bodysuits and Teddies are a sexy underwear that covers the whole body from top to bottom.This underwear is usually a dress or tights, which is well -loved because it fully shows the curve of the body.

Corsets and BUSTIERS

Corsets and BUSTIERS are a narrow -minded underwear, usually fixed on the chest and brought the body flexion through the tie.This underwear is very suitable for women who want to shape the perfect figure, and some people think they are conducive to improving their postures.

Garter Belts and Leg Garters

Garter Belts and Leg Garters are sexy underwear with suspenders.This underwear can be used to fix the stockings, straps and other accessories, which is very suitable for women who want to add some palettes in sexy.

Chemise and babydolls

Chemises and Babydolls are a loose sexy underwear, usually with tulle, silk or other soft fabrics.This underwear is very suitable for women who want to maintain elegance and sexy.They can also be used with other underwear.


ROBES is a kind of light sexy underwear, usually made of soft fabrics.This underwear can be used to cover other underwear, pajamas or naked body.This is a very popular type of sexy underwear that allows women to enjoy their beauty.


Costumes is a very interesting sexy underwear that allows women to play different roles, such as nurses, police, innocent students and many other roles.This underwear is usually to make the interaction between the two people more interesting and exciting.


No matter what type of sexy underwear, they exist to make women more confident, self -esteem and self -love.Regardless of your style, you can enhance your charm and sexy through sexy underwear.I hope this article can provide you with the basic knowledge of English vocabulary and style of sexy underwear.

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