What is the normal size of sexy underwear

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear is a sexy, romantic and interesting underwear, and its style far exceeds the category of traditional underwear.It usually has light, transparent or translucent materials, and uses different design, color and details to show women’s body curves and enhance gender attractiveness.

How is the size of sex underwear determined

Like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is usually measured with sizes such as bust, lower bust, waist, hip, and leg circumference.However, sexy underwear usually pays more attention to showing women’s body curve and sexy temperament, so the settings of their size are usually more flexible and diverse than ordinary underwear.

What is the normal size of sexy underwear

The size of sexy underwear varies from manufacturers, but it is usually classified according to the four sizes of bust, lower bust, waist circumference, and hips.Taking Chinese size as an example, the conventional size of sexy underwear is S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc. The specific size is as follows:

S code: bust 68-70cm, lower bust 63-67cm, waist circumference 60-66cm, hip wids 78-83cm;

M code: Bust 72-76cm, lower bust 68-72cm, waist circumference 64-70cm, buttocks 84-89cm;

L code: bust 80-84cm, lower bust 73-77cm, waist circumference 68-74cm, hip web 90-95cm;

XL code: bust 86-90cm, lower bust 78-82cm, waist circumference 72-78cm, buttocks 96-101cm;

XXL code: Bust of bust 90-94cm, lower bust 83-87cm, waist circumference 76-82cm, buttocks 102-107cm.

How to choose a sexy underwear size that suits you

Choosing the right sexy underwear can make you wear more comfortably, and at the same time, it can better show your body charm.You can choose the appropriate size by measuring your bust, lower bust, waist and hips, but please note that the size of different manufacturers may be different. It is recommended to refer to the size table and choose according to your actual situation.

Characteristic underwear style characteristics

The style of sexy underwear is usually bold, strange and sexy than ordinary underwear.Common sexy lingerie styles include:

Interest bras: transparent, shoulder straps, splitting and other designs, mostly used for sexy temptation occasions;

Interest panties: T -shaped, thongs, mini skirts, etc., highlight the lower body curve;

Interesting conjoined clothes: the design of the whole body, transparent, back -up, etc., showing a complete body curve;

Interesting stockings: mesh eyes, lace lace, and socks, add a variety of sexy temperament;

Interesting accessories: necklace, bracelets, handcuffs and other designs, add romance and flirting flavor.

Sexy underwear of different materials

In addition to the style, the sexy underwear of different materials also has different characteristics and use.Common materials include:

Lace lace: breathable, light, soft, smooth, adding women’s softness and sexy;

Silk: soft, light, and comfortable, which can keep warm but also show the elegant temperament of women;

Velvet fabric: luxury, warmth, soft, helping to create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere;

Give eye: sexy, breathable, transparent, showing the curve and lines of women’s bodies;

PU leather: It has the appearance and texture of the leather, suitable for creating some alternative or retro atmosphere.

Dressing and maintenance of sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following matters to wear sexy underwear:

Interest underwear is usually thin and thin, so when you wear it, you should specially avoid scraping and hooking;

The sexy underwear design is diverse, so you need to wear it according to the style, and you cannot match it at will;

Interest underwear usually requires hand washing to ensure the effect of cleaning and maintenance.

Skills of sexy underwear

The matching skills of sexy underwear can increase the overall effect, such as:

With high heels, it can enhance women’s body curve and sexy temperament;

With stockings, you can add the skin’s response and sexy atmosphere;

The color selection of sexy underwear can echo each other with clothing, makeup, hairstyle, etc. to highlight the taste and temperament of women.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is usually used in the following scenarios:

The intimate moment between couples;

Sexy parties or role -playing activities;

When acting independently and free, if you want to highlight your sexy curve;

Sex workers are specially used for work.

in conclusion

Interest underwear has sexy, romantic and interesting characteristics. Its design, style, size, material, and wearing method are different from ordinary underwear.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can show the charm of women and enhance gender attractiveness.Therefore, proper choice of sexy underwear is a presentation of the charm of your own body.

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