What kind of comfort of sex underwear to choose


Interest underwear is a must -have for modern women. Not only is the sexy and coordinated appearance, it is also a assistant for female friends to improve self -confidence and happiness.But how can we have comfortable sleep while sexy?Below, let’s discuss how to choose a suitable and comfortable sexy underwear.


The texture and fabric of sexy underwear are often an important factor that affects comfort.Such as cotton and sexy underwear, soft and comfortable, excellent breathability, which can make the skin care.The erotic underwear of the silk system is smooth and soft. It does not lose the comfort of wearing, and also increases the texture, and it is easy to adapt to the skin temperature, which makes people feel comfortable.


When choosing sexy underwear, the choice of size is very important.Underwear that is too large or too small will bring discomfort.Excessive erotic underwear will make the chest from being supported and fall off; while too small erotic underwear will bring a sense of oppression and traces, and it is more likely to destroy chest health.


Everyone’s body characteristics and aesthetic standards are different. It is recommended to understand the most suitable style type before choosing a style.If you are a girl with a small chest, you can choose a style with a filling cup; if you are a tall figure, you can choose a T -shaped back or a long bow style to make yourself more cute or sexy.

Shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is also a factor that affects comfort. You must choose the right shoulder strap.Too a small strap will make the shoulders feel pain, and the shoulder strap will slip.At the same time, width and fabrics need attention.The more loose and using a soft fabric shoulder strap can reduce the unexpected chest pressure.


Desment is an important element of women’s underwear. If the material of the buttons is excellent, the service life will increase a lot.In addition to materials, the number and location of the buttons also need to be considered.Underwear with multiple buttons can not only modify the figure, but also allow everyone to choose the appropriate position buckle to achieve the best comfort.

Trouser head

For women wearing sexy underwear, most of the time lying on the bed like sleep, so it is necessary to wear tight underwear in pants.Underwear suitable for your own size can effectively relax the human body and reduce the sense of oppression caused by loose belt.


If the skeleton of the underwear is hard or too close, the load of the chest, back and abdomen will increase.Therefore, it should be selected for good quality and sexy underwear. The skeleton material should be softer to avoid the sense of compression of the skeleton material on the body.


The choice of brand is also an important factor affecting the comfort of sexy underwear.Some outstanding brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, etc., will professionally create high -quality underwear with advanced technology and materials to provide consumers with the best comfort and service life.

in conclusion

In summary, the selection of comfortable erotic underwear can provide the best experience of women to make time be better and unforgettable.Whether it is fabric, size, style, shoulder strap, buttons, pants or skeleton and brand, you need to pay close attention.In the end, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, which is comfortable and sexy and confident, is the best choice for female friends.

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