What kind of first buying sex underwear to buy

What kind of first buying sex underwear to buy

Learn about different types of sexy underwear

Before deciding which sex lingerie is suitable for you, it is important to understand different types of sexy underwear.

Consider style and material

Interest underwear style and material are one of your important considerations.Some common styles include small bras, lace, bellybands, etc. The common materials include silk, lace, satin, mesh, etc.

Learn different bras

The bra is the core part of the sexy underwear, with a variety of styles, including full cups, 3/four cups, 1/2 cups, etc.You need to consider your body and personal preference.

Choose the right underwear

Interest underwear underwear also has a variety of styles. From sexy thongs to traditional briefs, you need to choose a one that suits you to make your feeling more comfortable and natural.

Consider special occasions

Different erotic underwear will be needed in different cases, so it is important to consider the occasions required before buying.For example, you need to attend a wedding or romantic date.

Metrine the purchase price

The price of sexy underwear is very different. You need to consider your own budget, and at the same time, the quality and material choice of price.

Understand the size

The size of the sexy underwear may be different from the usual underwear, especially for some special styles.Before buying, it is important to understand your size and the policy before the purchase.

Refer to other people’s purchase experience

Visit sexual love underwear shop or online forum to view the purchase experience of others, which will help you choose the type that suits you.

Try to try out

Before deciding to buy sexy underwear, trying on and test yarn is an indispensable step.This will help ensure that the selected sexy underwear is comfortable.

Combine your own taste

The most important thing is that choosing the right sexy underwear should be based on your own taste.Choosing feel comfortable and in line with your personal taste will make you more confident and comfortable.


Choosing the right sexy underwear needs to consider multiple aspects, including style, price, size, material, style, bra, underwear, special occasion, taste, taste.The most important thing is that you need to choose the one that suits you. It is not necessarily the most beautiful or expensive style, but the one that most meets your needs.

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