What store name is it to sell sexy underwear

How to take a good sexy underwear shop name

When choosing a good sexy underwear shop name, there are the following aspects that need to be considered:

1. Simple and easy

It is best to be simple, easy to remember, and have brand characteristics, which helps customers to memory and reputation.The name of the store should not be too long, and generally controlled within 5 words.

2. Related to product characteristics

It is best to highlight the characteristics of the product, such as "sexy underwear" and "passion underwear store".This can better attract target customers and increase sales.

3. Highlight the brand image

The name of the store can reflect the brand’s brand image, which is impressed by people.If the enterprise positions the high -end market, the store name can be naming the luxury brand, such as "LV sex lingerie" and "Zhizhi Spring".

4. The language is easy to understand

The store name should be easy to understand. Do not use too much professional concepts, let alone a store name containing dual -class or rare words.This helps attract more extensive consumer groups and increase store exposure.

5. Novelty

A good store name should be characteristic and novel, which is more likely to attract customers’ interest.The unique store name helps the promotion of stores and brands and the improvement of market share.

6. Rhythm

A good store name is smooth and easy to remember in pronunciation. The structure must have a sense of rhythm, which is better than word of mouth dissemination and promotion.At the same time, such a store name can deepen the customer’s understanding of the brand.

7. Pinyin is simple and clear

During the "Double 11" shopping carnival this year, the highly respected "Tao Wan" played a great role, because the text Pinyin of the Tao Wan password was simple and was highly recommended by major merchants.When setting the name of the store, you can also use this method to make it easy for memory and spelling.

8. Naming with brand meaning

A good store name should have brand meaning and compliance with the brand image.This type of store name can use some coherent and connotative names, which can show the image and significance of the brand.


Choosing a sexy underwear store that suits you plays a vital role in brand promotion and promotion. You should choose a name that is both branded and easy to remember according to your brand strategy and business philosophy, increasing the brand’s exposure and marketThe shareholding makes your brand more competitive.

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