What will happen to sex underwear too many times?

What happens to the sexy underwear too many times?

1. Wearing the breathability on the body will become worse

Each piece of underwear has its own life span. After more than life, wearing it may become uncomfortable and become impermeable and sweaty clothing.Interesting underwear is particularly breathable. After multiple uses are used, the material of the clothing may be worn and deformed, reducing the breathability of the clothes itself.If you often wear the same sexy underwear, it may cause itching or sweating for a long time.

2. Bacteria and viruses breed

After the clothes are not washed for a long time, a large amount of bacteria and dirt will remain inside.Sex underwear may cause sexually transmitted diseases or other infections because direct contact with the body part of the body, and the physical disease caused by it can cause hidden dangers to physical health.Therefore, it is recommended that we replace underwear regularly to avoid frequent use.

3. Shape and color will be damaged

Because sexy underwear is repeatedly used and washed, its color and shape may be affected.It is easy to cause shrinkage and color discoloration during wearing and cleaning.These flaws not only affect the beauty of the clothes itself, but also reduce the performance and effect of sexy underwear.

4. Elasticity and support may be weakened

Sex underwear usually uses more loose bands to achieve good tight effects and comfort.However, after many use of washing, the elasticity of the loose band will gradually decrease, and the support of the breasts is getting worse and worse, which is not good for the health and beauty of the breast.If we wear the same sexy underwear for a long time, it will cause its morphological impact unknowingly.

5. Don’t comfortable to wear

If the sexy underwear is too useful and washed, its texture, material and silk fabric will become thinner due to time, which may cause irritation or itching to the body.Modern sexy underwear is more important, and high -end fabrics, such as lace, silk and cotton, etc., are friendly to the skin. If you use the same sexy underwear for a long time, it may cause the clothes to be damaged and discomfort, and even damage to the skin.Essence

6. Affect the attempt to other sexy underwear

Many women make many options when buying sexy underwear, including color, size, and styles. These details will affect wearing and aesthetics.But if you always wear the same sexy underwear, you will lose the opportunity to try and more new sexy underwear. It is difficult to find a more suitable sexy underwear in the market.

7. It may affect the material and potion of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is usually made of chemical fiber. This material requires multiple washing to ensure the details and good results.However, if we wear the same sexy underwear for too long, more cleaning methods may be used to clean the details.This may lead to the loss of sexy underwear potion and affecting the use of production materials.

8. Be sure to be clean and clean before you wear it

It is critical to wear and quality of sexy underwear, washing and cleaning.The bacteria and dirt remaining in the clothes may cause infection, and we must prevent this situation.Therefore, before wearing, we must ensure that the underwear is clean, tidy, dry, and even disinfected with high temperature boiling water to ensure the health of the body and the lasting use of underwear.

9. It is recommended to try multiple sexy lingerie to wear

Sexy underwear is a must -have for modern women, but we don’t recommend wearing the same underwear for a long time.In order to increase freshness, aesthetics, and keeping cleanliness, we recommend trying to wear multiple sexy underwear.This is not only an important means to maintain physical health, but also attract more visual enjoyment and bring more fun.

10. Conclusion

All in all, when wearing the same sexy underwear for long time, it will adversely affect the beauty and performance of physical health and sexy underwear.Therefore, we need to replace sexy underwear, adapt to multiple styles, materials and colors on a regular basis, and keep clean to protect our physical health and beauty, and at the same time enjoy all the beautiful tastes brought by sexy underwear.

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