What will happen when you go to the bar and wear a sexy underwear

Introduction: Interesting underwear and bar atmosphere

With the development of society, sexy underwear has become a fashion trend and lifestyle.Many women like to wear sexy underwear on private occasions, night gatherings and nightlife.And more and more people often choose to go to the bar to spend their spare time. At this time, a question appears: What will happen to wear sex underwear in a bar?In this article, we will analyze this question and answer you.

The first point: the sense of fashion of wearing a sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear to the bar can make women feel more confident and beautiful.In terms of visual effects, sexy sexy underwear can emphasize women’s body curve and increase women’s temperament and fashion sense.Under the light and music of the bar, women in sexy underwear will be even more different.

Second point: the comfort of sexy underwear

However, many erotic underwear is not suitable for daily clothing because they are often not comfortable enough.Designs such as transparent materials, fluff and metal decoration may stimulate the skin and cause discomfort.However, if you choose the right erotic underwear and pay attention to the quality of the materials, you can ensure that there is a comfortable night in the bar.

Third point: the adaptability of the occasion and atmosphere

When considering the atmosphere of cities and bars, wearing erotic underwear needs to be careful.If the occasion is too solemn, formal or too conservative, sexy underwear may not be appropriate.However, in the relaxed and open atmosphere of the bar, wearing sex underwear is very suitable and will make you feel very comfortable.

The fourth point: the size selection of the sexy underwear

Another point that needs to be noted is the size of sexy underwear.If you choose a small or too large size, it will not only make your figure more plump or not enough, but also seriously damage the design and beauty of sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the accurate choice of the size.

Fifth point: the right style of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has a variety of styles, from exposure, transparency to more conservative and only emphasis on details and decoration.Considering the occasion and personal preferences, it is particularly important to choose a suitable style.In a bar, transparent materials and less sexy lingerie may make you feel more free and sexy.

Sixth point: Choose suitable colors

Color is another important factor that affects the selection of sexy underwear.Generally, colors such as black and white, red and purple can make sexy underwear more sexy and attractive.But simply, pure black and pure white can make you feel more elegant and generous.When choosing, choose a color that can make yourself more confident.

Seventh point: communication with partner

If you choose to wear sexy underwear and your partner to the bar, then the wearing of sexy underwear can also be a topic of interacting with your partner.The details of sharing and discussing sexy underwear with other women and men can definitely become a good way to add a warm way to date.

Eighth point: the consequences of sexy underwear

Of course, wearing sexy underwear to the bar may also have some consequences.Some men or women may be deeply dissatisfied with sexy underwear, or they will launch some improper behaviors.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear and deciding to go to the bar, you need to consider and weigh the factors in all aspects.

Ninth Point: Paired with shoes and makeup

If you decide to go to the bar in sexy underwear, you also need to consider shoes and makeup.Beautiful high heels can better display the design of sexy underwear and your figure curve, while different makeups can make you more natural or more sexy.When matching, you need to choose freely according to the specific style and your temperament.

Point tenth: Summary: The sexy and vitality of wearing a sexy underwear to the bar

In general, wearing a sexy underwear to go to a bar is an opportunity to show your confidence and beauty.Although you need to pay attention to the problems of occasions, styles, sizes, and colors, once we choose suitable sexy underwear, and with the corresponding shoes and makeup, we will feel more natural, sexy and vibrant.

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