What’s the name of sexy underwear abroad


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing rarely used in daily life. It is usually used to increase sexual interests between couples or use in private occasions.In foreign countries, there are many types of sexy underwear. Here are some common styles.


Stockings are a very sexy sexy underwear, which originated in Europe.The texture of stockings is usually made of silk, nylon or the same sensory material.There are many types of stockings, including shiny, lace, fish nets and so on.Stockings are usually used with short skirts or underwear.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is usually made of meticulous lace, which is very suitable for visual effects and very important occasions.Lace underwear is rich in types, including jumpsuits, bras, tight skirts, and so on.Lace underwear in the whole body is usually used for private gatherings or some special celebrations.

Leather clothing

Leather clothing is more adventurous and bold, usually black or dark brown tone, which is made of high -quality leather.There are many types of leather clothing, including lace, smooth and high -neck.Leather clothing is often used with other sexy underwear.

Tight pants and skirts

Tight pants and skirts can highlight the human curve, usually with sexy and unique exotic mood.This kind of sexy underwear is relatively simple, usually made of soft materials, and is often used with various other types of sexy underwear.

Role -playing costume

Character playing costumes are usually used to simulate the sexy underwear of various scenes and characters.The commonly simulated characters include police, nurse, campus girls or nuns.Character playing costumes are usually used with other sexy underwear to strengthen the visual effect of the character.

Catwoman clothing

Cats and women’s clothing are a common sexy lingerie style, usually black, with shape elements such as cat ears.Cat and women’s clothing is usually made of soft fabrics. The overall shape is simple and sexy, suitable for use in party or private gatherings.


Bikini is a sexy and charming sexy underwear. It usually uses a sexy weeding design, which is not only suitable for swimming and beach parties, but also for private occasions.Bikini production usually uses cotton or blended fabrics, which is good.

Skyworthy sheets

The whole body’s silk underwear is a very strong sexy underwear.The whole body’s silk underwear is mysterious and sexy, exposing a large part of the human body, increasing the privacy and ambiguous atmosphere.This underwear is heavy but not good at breathable, and needs to be carefully maintained.

Body skirt

Body skirts are usually a cheap and poor sexy underwear, which are often used by prostitutes.The cloth of the skirt is very thin, poor stretching, and poor breathability.Be careful when using your body skirt to prevent damage and sliding.


Different countries and regions have very different demand and preferences for sexy underwear. Many sexy lingerie styles may be strange in China, but they are very popular abroad.No matter what interesting underwear is, the most important thing is to choose the style that suits you and your physical condition, the material and style of your body, improve your charm, and pay attention to not harming your health.

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