Where can I buy sexy underwear in GTA5

Where can I buy sex underwear?


As a well -known game, "Grand Theft Auto 5" (GTA5) has various tasks, props and decorations, including sexy underwear.Many players may be curious. Where do these sexy underwear buy?This article will introduce you in detail.

Online ○ ○ Store

In GTA5, players can go to the online store in the game to buy a variety of items, including sexy underwear.Of course, players need sufficient virtual currency to buy these items. If your virtual currency is insufficient, you can also obtain it by completing tasks and other channels.

Internal decorative shelf of the store

In the game, there are some shops with various items, including sexy underwear.Players can find these decorative shelves in the store and take the sexy underwear.

Wardrobe in the room

In addition to the decorative shelf in the store, some players may not know that there is also a wardrobe in the room of their game characters. In addition to the equipment that can store characters, they can also find some sexy underwear.

Store stalls

In the game, there are various vendors, which are another way to buy sexy underwear.Players can stroll around the streets, find these businessmen, and buy sexy underwear on them.

MOD and plug -in

Although the game provides a variety of sexual underwear to buy, some players may feel that these options are not enough to meet personal needs. At this time, they can find mods and plug -in to solve problems.These mods and plug -ins can provide players with more choices, making the sexy underwear in the game more diverse.

The role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear does not have any practical effects in "Grand Theft Auto 5". They are just decorations that can be used to decorate the player’s game role.Of course, for players who pursue game personality, sexy underwear can also become a way to show self.


Although sexy underwear is just a small detail of the game, players need to be vigilant at the time of purchase of the game to prevent economic loss or other types of fraud.

in conclusion

In short, there are still many ways to buy sexy underwear in "Grand Theft Auto 5". Players can buy them from stores, merchants, room wardrobes and even mods and plug -in.Of course, players need to pay attention to game security issues during the purchase process to ensure that their hobbies are not deceived by any kind of fraud.

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